Activist Kajoloweka Turns Down Chakwera’s Offer; ‘ Thanks, But No Thanks’

Executive Director of Youth and Society Charles Kajoloweka has turned down President Lazarus Chakwera’s appointment as board member for the National Youth Council.

Thanks, But no thanks – Kajoloweka

Youth Activist Kajoloweka was appointed as National Youth Council board member by President Chakwera on Wednesday.

Addressing the media on Friday in Mzuzu, Kajoloweka said accepting the offer will compromise his job as a human rights advocate.

“Accepting the offer will compromise my work as youth activist,” said Kajoloweka who is also leader for Youth Decide Campaign.

He added that accepting the position, which is a political appointment, would bring conflict of interest to the defence of rule of law and good governance.

“It is not right for civil society organisations leaders to get involved in spaces that have the potential of compromising their independence,” said Kajoloweka

Meanwhile, the newly appointed board members for parastatal organizations have been challenged to exercise professional conduct in their execution of duties.

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