Congratulations New Board Members, But…..

By Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma

Although I have retired from politics, I can’t help but to make this comment. Party grassroots supporters and members are not useless as others are celebrating their absence in the board list.

They are the mainstay of any political party, without which there is no party. They work and toil for nothing, they make huge sacrifices for no rewards, they risk EVERYTHING even if they don’t have it.

That’s why parties which win government reward a few if them with ceremonial positions, even if they have not graced the corridors of higher education.

 No one, nobody can ascend to power without those dancing women, t-shirt wearing youth, men in torn suits and worn out shoes sworn together with twine.

A party rally is nothing without them, even if the nsanja is filled up. Many represent the party in villages, shanty towns and ghettos.

So I am disappointed to read some comments saying that the list of the board is great because it has dumped these deserving party cadres just because they are not lawyers, economists, pastors, engineers etc.

 Having worked for so long with these foot soldiers, it’s an insult to me and them to call them useless “achipani” NOW.

These are people who sleep in the trenches, get drenched in rain, sit for hours in scorching sun heat, walk for miles to a rally or are ferried in dangerously packed lorries for victory.

Many have died for and in party activities. Many lost property and family. Political violence doesn’t happen ku areas 12, 43, 15, 6, 3, 44 etc. They happen where these people live and they bear the blunt of it.

Please…I beg, while you are commending and celebrating your elitist bourgeois board list, don’t dare insult nsanamila of any party, don’t dare belittle them for lack of classroom education.

Because most of those appointed have never even attended any rally and if they did, demanded a cushy shaded seat pa nsanja.

Political board appointments do not require merits or education, the Secretariat which runs the board does. Ingosangalalani WITHOUT demeaning those that paid the price for your appointments.

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