Rodgers At It Again: Turns Range Rover Into Office Desk

American Entertainment Industry Executive and MTV Networks Co-Founder Tom Freston once said:  “Innovation is taking two things that exist and putting them together in a new way.”

Rodgers on posing on Ranger Rover Sport Office Desk

Back home in Malawi, a local entrepreneur and innovator Rodgers Kaunda from Blantyre has turned a Range Rover Sport (Value over MK 60 Million) which was involved in an accident into an executive office desk.

“The car was beyond repair so l wanted to comfort the owner by turning it into office desk for him,” said Kaunda

Made in Malawi: Range Rover Sport Office Desk

Kaunda, who holds a Diploma in Procurement studies, runs a steel furniture shop in the busy and commercial city of Blantyre. He spends almost 90 percent of his time making furniture from car scraps.

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