When Did APM Realise That Nankhumwa Has Academic Credential Issues?


Old good days: APM, Nnakhumwa

It is pleasing to note the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) wants to cleanse itself.

However, when did the former ruling Party realise that its vice president for the South, Kondwani Nankhumwa has academic credential issues?

How did Nankhumwa mislead the former President Peter Mutharika?

And then there are more charges alleging Nankhumwa is plotting a revolt.

And the fallen giant, DPP, further alleges Nankhumwa had imposed himself as Leader of Opposition when DPP president Peter Mutharika had reportedly settled for George Chaponda.

All this, I should opine, is meant to clear the way for someone else deemed fit in the eyes of a few misguided politicians in the DPP.

For the record, Nankhumwa has defeated Brown Mpinganjira for the seat of Mulanje Central Constituency. Not once but twice, 2009, 2014. And in 2019, Brown Mpinganjira aka BJ, opted not to compete against Nankhumwa.

Today Mutharika with his henchmen chose BJ as spokesman of the party when those elected at the convention were still holding positions. Talk of Nicholas Dausi, mwana.

I dont have to explain further, but the caution is that learn from the once mighty United Democratic Front (UDF).

Bakili Muluzi tried all that, cleared the way for his son Atupele but the resultant is that UDF is as good as a mock past paper. Today even its president has failed to secure a parliamentary seat.

Ife pheeee tibulanani

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