DPP, MCP Supporters Clash In Phalombe …Mia Calls for Peaceful Co-Existence

By Sam Majamanda

Phalombe, September 15, Mana: Deputy Minister of Lands Abida Mia has warned against political violence but to peacefully co-exist for development to continue in the country.

There is no need for intolerance- Mia

Mia was speaking in Phalombe during a graduation ceremony of 400 women who have been imparted with tailoring skills by the At-Tarigatul Quadriah Sunn Association Islamic (AQSA).

Earlier to her speech there were unpleasant crushes between Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) followers who were escorting the area’s Member of Parliament Mary Mpanga to the event, and Tonse Alliance members who came to welcome the Deputy Minister.

“It is high time we all accepted that the current President is Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and according to the Tonse philosophy we all have to come together and rally behind the President, supporting him in his ideas that are going to transform Malawi,” she said with passion.

Commenting on the unpleasant scene, chairperson for Phalombe district council Francis Nunkhazingwe expressed disgust in the squabbles describing them as barbaric and undemocratic.

He further called upon political followers to stop flooding government and religious events with party colors just because their leaders are gracing the occasions.

Over the past five months Phalombe has been one place with stories of political violence with one serious case being the stoning of a convoy for Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima at Phalombe South East constituency during the campaign period for the fresh presidential elections.

3 Responses to "DPP, MCP Supporters Clash In Phalombe …Mia Calls for Peaceful Co-Existence"

  1. bokhola   September 16, 2020 at 5:12 am

    Chilikumnzako umati chigwire nyanga. Nkhonya yobwezera imawawa. These are the fruits of post 2019 polls planted by hrdc and tonse. Interestingly the perpetrators of that violence are now calling for political tolarence which they themselves ignored. We witnessed people attacked for merely choosing dpp ideologies. Ironically the champion of all those political violence was given civic education ministry and the guy who was responsible for ferrying people from LL surrounding districts to the city centre was awarded the internal security ministry. Mr civic education sir, you have tough task to perform and failure which, i’m afraid, there would be deadly political scenes as we draw closer to 2025. Special post 2019 political violence psychological support especially to dpp supporters must be done. I can see other uggly scenes within tonse ranks as well come 2025. If not careful, total chaos is all that can be predictated.

    • Galumtsukwa   September 16, 2020 at 8:07 am

      Get some life man. For how long are you going to blame HRDC for squabbles perpetuated by hoodlums and efulefu’s of this world?

  2. utmcp   September 16, 2020 at 11:55 am

    Hrdc started leading violent demos that saw public offices and vehicles burnt to ashes. It saluted msundwe thugs. Those putting on dpp legalia post 2019 polls were undressed and beaten in some districts. What happened is history and as humans we are blessed with memories and some are haunted by these terrible memories that need psychological support and hope to cool down the tempers. Such type of politics is barbaric and must not have room in modern democracy because some believe this is the way we are supposed to behave in democracy.


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