DPP to Hold Convention Soon or Later

The former governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says it will hold convention to elect new office bearers soon or later.

DPP’s secretary general, Grezelder Jeffrey disclosed in an interview with Nation Online on Tuesday.  She said the Party leadership will soon meet and discuss the matter.

File Photo: DPP gurus captured at the convention

“Whether we like it or not, a convention is important and we will hold it as a party. But we will not do it today or tomorrow.

People should not rush. The party will hold a convention and will choose a leader. We are looking into it. When the time comes, we will let you know,” said Jeffrey

Jeffrey also commended Party’s President Professor Peter Mutharika for doing his part in building the party.

Mutharika took over the leadership of DPP after the death of his brother, Bingu wa Mutharika in April 2012.

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