Off the Wall Of Peter Makossah…Who Killed Malawi’s Top Notch Crime Buster Bob Mtekama?

Granted, Bob Had Diabetes.

Late Bob Was Buried like a Church Mouse

But why did an unidentified man sneaked into Bob’s hospital room at 04:00 am and sat beside him on the bed just hours before he died without going through the family or hospital officials?….

Who is this man? Who sent him? Why did he go to Bob’s room at 04:00 am?  Why did the police lie that Bob tested positive for COVID when he never was?

Who tested Bob Mtekama for COVID? When and where? Why a postmortem was never conducted on Bob Mtekama’s body when the medical report indicated that Bob’s kidneys were ‘injured’?

What injured Bob’s kidneys? Why did the police shun Bob’s funeral?

Why was Bob Mtekama, a very Senior Police officer, a Deputy Commissioner of Police and the country’s only hand-writing specialist and only forensic science top-notch investigator trained by the FBI buried as a civilian without any military rights and no gun salute?

Even if he had Corona Virus (which he didn’t have) wouldn’t the police had taken care of his funeral?

Please don’t tell me they left it for medics to handle it because there are medics in the police who could have stepped up to it should the need arise.

You, the uneducated police Commissioner from the east, we know everything you did, and we know who sent you to do what you did.

We also know you sent that tall and slender round-faced man who went into Bob’s room in the wee hours of the day Bob died.

In fact, Bob told us about you. We will expose you. We will fight for Bob and the noose will soon be tight on you, your masters and everyone who took part in the scheme.

Bob Mtekama lived all his life dedicating himself fighting for justice for others but died without justice and never get honour that he deserved.

We will fight for Bob until the truth comes out and we will not tire until justice is done. Give us a postmortem so we know what really killed Bob. He was too important to just

Let him be buried without an autopsy.  What if he was poisoned ?  How would we know without a postmortem?

Upon his re-appointment as the Head of the Criminal Investigative Department, Bob Mtekama, the Crime Buster, a term coined by Limbani Moya cracked on the Njauju Murder, The Area 24 Murders, The Kalonga Stambuli Murder, The Buleya Lule Murder and was working on several other cases including the financial plunder among others.

And Bob Mtekama locked up a number of police officers including an acting Commissioner of Police for the brutal killing of Buleya Lule, a man who was wrongly accused for a crime he didn’t commit in connection to Albino killings.

It is clear Bob Mtekama was becoming a thorn in many a people’s fresh, but he was just doing the job he loved with passion.

And the diabetes he has had all along just decided to kill him now because he was back as Head of CID?  Is that not too convenient?

This hurts.

I will fight for Bob’s justice.

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