Malawi Rated Highly On UN Sustainable Development Goal 16

By Tione Andsen

Torres- Malawi has done well on SDG 16 in just ended elections

Lilongwe, August 7, Mana: United Nations (UN) said Malawi has become a great example of Sustainable Development GOAL (SDG) 16 on peaceful coexistence and strong institutions.

UN Resident Coordinator, Maria Jose Torres disclosed this Thursday  during the panel discussion at the official launch of the Malawi Growth Development Strategy (MGDS) III  mid-term report at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.

She said the role played by the Judiciary, Parliament, Armed Forces, Political Parties, Civil Society and the citizens was commendable and sets a great example for region, the African continent and the World.

“Allow me to refer to an achievement by Malawi in terms of the SDG agenda that requires be noting and applauding, even if it not strictly linked to the MDGS III, the peaceful transition through elections from a government to another in 2020,” Torres pointed out.

UN Resident Coordinator said the June 23, 2020 fresh presidential elections in the country would remain a model to other countries for long time as a way of enhancing and consolidating democracy.  

She said the MGDS review report comes at a very opportune time as we enter the decade of action which is the last ten years of the implementation of the agenda 2030.

The UN Resident Coordinator added that in this decade of action, the UN in Malawi through United Nations Sustainable Development Corporation Framework was invested in accelerating the SDG agenda together with the government, development partners, civil society and other stakeholders through two elements of strong partnerships and rights based approach.

Torres congratulated the government and National Planning Commission (NPC) for undertaking this very important review of Malawi’s medium-term development strategy.

“The MGDS III is the country’s first strategy to have domesticated the SDGs and it has been instrumental in facilitating implementation, monitoring and reporting of the SDGs in the country,” she added.

Torres said the country need to have updated data during the planning process of any development to help the planners do their work efficiently.

Kang’oma- we need to use updated data in project implementation

Data Expert, Sofi Kang’oma expressed concern that several sectors were not willing to share their data for comprehensive for consolidation at national level.

“We need to have updated data when formulating any development programmes.

The challenge that we are facing was that sometime we depend on data which was collected three years back when designing our projects,” she lamented.

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  1. utmcp   August 10, 2020 at 12:30 pm

    This was the case because we had prof democracy on the losing side hence no blood shed threats. Wait for 2025 polls and see what will happen. I can see running battles between the three greedy foes, both backed by racists chichewa speaking asias who persistently dictate on our government. Its only dpp which respects human coexistence and is democratic tolerant. Peace came at last after dpp was declared the loser despite totally new competing party formats. Even our rules of the game are not well defined. How on earth the distant third wants to hijack our freedom of choice by dodging convention in 2024. No more use of fear and oppression in 2025 polls. Let our destiny be in peaceful elections not masked in killings of innocent police officers, abductions and looting. Our judges must not be subjected to pyschological trauma and great fear under the heavy military escorts. We want clear politics.


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