Chakwera Or Chatsika?


Under-valued: Chakwera’s Area 6 mansion

You must be a slave not a political party supporter, to cheer and believe Chakwera’s mansion cost K10 million. He must believe you are stupid. He must think you’re a slave and you won’t know that it’s corruption not donation of very expensive Hammer registration MC 20, a Toyota Hilux single cab and Toyota Prado TX. He knows you’re a slave supporter and you won’t ask the names of the people who corruptly “donated” these luxury and super expensive high end cars and for what reason.

The donated Chakwera Hammer

Chakwera cooks up and inflates numbers to smear his political opponents.Chatsika deflates and omits assets values when declaring his assets. He must believe you’re stupid as such you won’t know nor question the other assets he omitted and transferred to his family members.

Chakwera must have known that you’re a slave supporter and bought media, as such you won’t demand names of those “donated” these expensive cars and in return what they’re getting. He must know that you won’t know that it actually wasn’t donation but rather corruption.

Another newly donated vehicle to Chakwera

I know Malawians aren’t stupid nor slave political supporters as such will demand names of these people who “donated” these expensive cars, what they’re getting in return, any government contracts they’re getting, government jobs they’re getting in return, disclose assets he transferred to his family members and trusts, true cost of vast mansion, spouse and family member assets etc. But if you’re a slave supporter, Chakwera is right, you will remain silent and cheer this blatant corruption.

2 Responses to "Chakwera Or Chatsika?"

  1. Wales Mkwanda   August 7, 2020 at 6:57 pm

    Do you Have evidence? As a journalist, you are supposed to Have evidence beyond reasonable doubt plus once you plesent the evidence, people will be the judges not you the author. Thats what lacks in Malawian Journalists. Be professional and objective, but by the way you are presenting your story, it seems you are not objective bit rather emmotiinal and you Have already judged without even giving us the audience a chance or choice.

  2. Marcus Garvey   August 8, 2020 at 10:19 am

    I’ve just finished reading what Chisale said about the properties/vehicles he owns. You take that and compare/contrast with the asset declaration made by the President, you will notice that there isn’t much difference. My question is: “Between the two who is lying, who is truthful; who is a genuine owner, who is a theif? Why has the President chosen to give a sketchy profile of his assets, whose value does not tally with the assets themselves? If one is able to discern that Dr. Chakwera is not being sincere in his submissions, can’t we conclude that there is yet more skeletons waiting to be unearthed?” C’mon Pastor Chakwera, give Malawians a fitting, better, plausible account of your declaration 1. As a head of state 2. As a Pastor 3. As a person discouraging corruption in society. Only when you do that openly, will Malawians take you seriously; apo biii, what is taking place with the DDP untrustworthy mafia will be your turn come 2023/24? Just a free and fair warning!!! No malice *#@$


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