The Sovereign Lord Fights For Himself: The Case Of Vandalised Islamic Billboard


There are significant moments in the history of every Nation that determines the course of History. Since the beginning of time the Sovereign Lord has always defended himself whether in the Spiritual realms or in the Physical realms. God does not need the hand of flesh to defend his cause.

Yesterday we woke up to the News that a Billboard elected by the Islamic Information Bureau has been vandalised. The act in question was carried out supposedly in defense of the Christian Faith on the pretext that Malawi is predominantly a Christian Nation.

1. This Act alone escalates tension between Christians & Muslims.

2. The Sovereign Lord defends his own cause, as much as he uses man in the earth realm to further his influence & plans, he does not need man to fight His battles.

3. Not every acts that seems to be provocative requires a response. This Billboard should have been left intact until the next act which would have verified the intent of provocation.

4. Christians in Malawi should not engage in a conflict with our Muslim brothers & sisters purely because of the views of a few over zealous pastors.

5. Not every seemingly good idea is a God idea, some ideas must be discussed & shelved in order to achieve peace in a Nation that has been ravaged by the tension of the just ended Presidential Elections, COVID 19 & other forces that have been working against progress.

6. In the spirit of coexistence, a delegation of pastors should have met our Muslim counterparts to discuss the contents of the Billboard in question & map the way forward.

7. This single Act has the potential of making the Chakwera Administration very unpopular & undermine the Tonse Alliance philosophy.I hope that going forward matters that spark Religious tension will not be handled in this manner. The consequences & repercussions of this can throw this Nation into a conflict that we have never witnessed before. The greatest wars on Earth are Religious wars.#GINITOANOINTING

2 Responses to "The Sovereign Lord Fights For Himself: The Case Of Vandalised Islamic Billboard"

  1. Sulayman   July 31, 2020 at 5:25 pm

    The problem of many Christians is that they feel that they own this country. But Islam will always prevail no matter how its enemies are trying to harm it. May Allah give Zacc Kawalala his price for fighting this High Religion. He thinks that he and his made up religion can overcome this Religion, Islam, Never

  2. boston mwase   August 1, 2020 at 5:18 pm

    I would like to particepate in this group


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