Govt to Set Up Job Centres

By Lydia Kalonde,MANA

Minister of Labour and Vocational Training, Ken Kandodo has disclosed Government’s plan to set up job centres across the country in a bid to improve employment and job creation.

The Minister said the exercise will start in all the major cities of Lilongwe, Blantyre, Zomba and Mzuzu and in the five municipalities of Mangochi, Karonga, Kasungu, Luchenza and Thyolo.

The job centres will be a database where people looking for jobs will log on the computer and check jobs that are available and at the same time employers will share details about their organizations and vacancies available.

“Our colleagues from other countries are using job centres and it is a good way of finding jobs that are available that time. In fact these job seekers will also be able to upload their qualifications in the database which will make it easier for employers to find people they are looking for,” said Kandodo

He added that, Government will ensure that the job centres are operational and they serve the purpose of job creation.

Kandodo said once these job centres show progress and are in full operation they will roll out the set up of job centres across the country.

3 Responses to "Govt to Set Up Job Centres"

  1. Marcus Garvey   July 30, 2020 at 5:44 am

    Job centres without job creation? This is what we call “Having policies upside down, very unpragmatic ideas”. Is that the reason you said you were going to employ 1 million job seekers? In those cities cited there are already places called “Labour Offices” – what is the difference?

    It won’t be long before the same people you promised jobs will come knocking on your doors asking for the same. You will definitely eat your own words for those jobless boys and girls took your word; unfortunately you are going about hiring already retired, exhausted and outdated people to fill the few vacancies that are there. Or is the job creation disguised in the exercise you have embarked, that of sacking people from their various positions? What a joke we are yet to witness.

  2. bokhola   July 31, 2020 at 11:19 am

    There is lack of logic in all this. What will come of the labour offices? This is duplicate of duties. Its strange to note that the current administration isn’t doing things with sober minds. They don’t put much reason in things they want to implement. They are handling this matter as if we are in analogue era. The internet is now almost everywhere, or are they trying to undermine the birth of telecentres and rural electrification engineered by dpp regime? Why taking us backwards….eeeh internet this…internet that, is this the reason of starting with city centres? The internet is everywhere and we already have telecentres, why not upgrading the labour offices or just link them with the already existing telecentres rather than going back to square one. In areas where development projects were not vandalized on political reasons are enjoying alectricity, go to njaya village in phalombe, there is electeicity and internet there. Why denying these people the same benefits someone living in chimwankhunda is enjoying. Ifetu adadi ndiye tapindula nawo ndiye apapa apa zopondelezana ayi. Give us equal opportunities please. Why should someone be punished, travelling all the way to blantyre only to check if there is a job vacancy, because he lives in rural area? Even now there are websites which are advertising vacancies, if they are lacking other aspects why not upgrading them to meet the required standards?

  3. bumbling henchman   July 31, 2020 at 12:11 pm

    The numbering is all what matters and all they want is the statistics of the employees so that by the end of the day they will have something to point at. 1m jobs is what has teased their brains to be innovative to this extent. This is the shortest route possible as 2025 is fast approaching but, don’t worry saulo your supporters have proven that campaign promises are not what they look for, development neither. What you are and where you are from is what matters to them. Most of your supporters are bullies, they will make your re-election into the office of the vice president very very easy and for sure you’re our life vice president whether you meet the 1m job promise or not. 50%+1 is always on your side because anyone who wants to rule after the first round of the polls will always seek your distant third votes + the bullying tactics and the abductions. For sure no fair polls in 50%+1 because the crooked and the real thieves will always accel.


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