Who Is Telling the Truth On MK 1.3 Trillion Scam ?

By Leonard Chimbanga Politician

Now that Leader of the Opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa has responded to the allegations of misappropriating or stealing 1.3 Trillion during Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) era.

Chimbanga: Who is telling the truth ?

The onus is on President Lazarus Chakwera to provide evidence to support his claims. Malawians are tired with lies and theft of public funds.

Our Expectations as Malawians are very simple Mr President. You can help us understand the following so that we know who is telling the truth.

-Is the 1.3 Trillion a figure from the previous budget? Please State the exact period of the theft.

-Since President Dr. Chakwera was A Leader of the Opposition and was receiving Audit reports did he not detect anything? What did he do?

-Was there False financial reporting by the Auditor General? If so this is a Huge Scandal a Commission of Enquiry ought to be commissioned.

-Should we conclude that Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS has failed since the amount being mentioned wasn’t detected by the system?

Over 1.3 Trillion Kwacha unaccounted for- Chakwera

– IMF and World Bank has been giving Malawi a clean bill whenever they were giving us Facilities Should we conclude that all that was poor workmanship from their local representatives?

We need answers and we will definitely help the President recover the money even if it means stoning the culprits.

– Was Auditor General hiding information in his reporting?

The Cement scandal is a Duty Evasion matter and not criminal in nature, I believe MRA will get to the bottom of it and appropriately Taxes should be collected.

So the Mk 3 billion Cement scandal should not be confused with looting of the 1.3 Trillion you are alleging to have been stolen during the last financial year.

We are all ears waiting for your next address to give the Nation the Information it is dying to hear so that you can prove the Leader of opposition wrong and international community who may have been alarmed by your statement of mismanagement or theft of funds and their taxpayers money that they give us by the previous administration.

Nankhumwa: President Chakwera lying to Malawians

It will not be fair for me to hold you to account for the promises you have made during your campaign i.e The famous MK14,000 passport fees, Universal Fertilizer and many other promises which will make Malawi the country of Milk and honey which you and your deputy promised Your Excellency.

You have only been in office for a month so I will wait for the your first 100 days to hold you accountable for the MK100, 000 Tax free band and many other promises.

For now please just furnish us with the records to prove your allegations that the previous government stole 1.3Trillion.

2 Responses to "Who Is Telling the Truth On MK 1.3 Trillion Scam ?"

  1. utmcp   July 28, 2020 at 7:22 pm

    K1.3 trillion is a huge amount and believe you me our country would have gone bankrapt. All we want is solid proof. This should not be used as the warrant for instituting new political arrests. We want thorough investigations and clear cut answers. Mcp if not careful you’re entangling yourselves, because if this is true then we really have more than enough money to develop and meet the 1m jobs you promised and there is more and more infrastructure development we are going to witness in the next 5 years. I believe you’re not giving us false hope. k1.3 trillion is the same amount of our zero deficit budget we had last year. There are more expectations from this government for sure.

  2. Angoni   July 29, 2020 at 7:59 am

    Mr Chimbanga if tax evasion is not a crime could you please enlighten us what it is. Because as far as I know it is not a private matter between individuals but a matter against the state and it is a crime/offence. Stick to being a “politian” and not a lawyer.


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