APM Distances Himself From Cement-Gate Saga: I Never Instructed Anyone To Buy Or Import The Cement In Question

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  1. Inu   July 25, 2020 at 9:05 am

    Either way, it does not look good for APM. Personally I give him the benefit of doubt but if you pause for moment then you realise that this means he was incompetent to rule Malawi. If the guy could not know what was happening with his own TPIN, do you think he had capacity to know what was happening with the country at large?

  2. saulo maccarthy   July 25, 2020 at 4:45 pm

    This is part of a cooked up story to neutralize the real cashgate that angered donors. Jb was building a state of the art new school at green corner, she started a cell phone campany, she stayed in europe and US for close to 5 years in expensive hotels which she was managing to pay everyday and she managed to campaign for tonse and yet she had a 2year term. The guy chose to build a house and he attracted all sorts of envy. There is no way a president can be responsible for everything, thats why he made appointments to supervise other areas. If looking very critically and give good reason this is for sure created to cover up pp’s mess. The guy was very competent and he managed to bring back donor confidence, and he made our economy stable despite devastating weather conditions throughout his term. Others are failing to tackle the pandemic in our midst and all that can be seen is total chaos. PP and UTM don’t think you’re in safe hands, these same cooked up charges will be on your necks as we will be drawing closer to 2025. Some of these actions are brought about to seal your mouth and to bow down in submission come 2024. If he was incompetent malawi wouldn’t have stabalized her economy and those destructive weather conditions would have affected us greatly. Remember it is only through this guy that we have seen that even without donors we can manage ourselves. We witnessed infrastructure which we built with our own taxes. If not careful pp’s defensive tactics will cost us dearly. Jb’s sister was part of those who swindled all the money meant for the construction of lilongwe girls academy donated by that popstar. If these stories are true then malawi and africa have more than enough resources to develop and this new government will surely bring 10 fold development than the previous regime.

  3. tapiwa m. mkungula   July 26, 2020 at 11:17 am

    There is no way a president can be heading all departments. This is why we have organisational structures in which the president acts as the overall in-charge who deals with only those matters that a certain branch of the structure has failed to resolve. Even this new government is following the same leadership style of the past regime. Recently it has established cabinet ministers committee, the very same things it was despising dpp of as the means to syphon public funds All these arrests are made on political grounds to crush or atleast weaken dpp. This is just the beginning of this political dramma. There will be more arrests come 2023 and some will be from tonse, mark my words. The good news is we are already in a democracy and for it to be destroyed it wont be easy. Some built a house with their money while others chose to enjoy life in expensive hotels abroad and now they are walloped by envy. Could it be they are trying to make a reality their empty manifesto which was full of rants and mbava zimenezi, mbava zimenezi. We are yet to see how they will succeed. Ma ambassador ndiye ndiawo ayamba kukumana nawo mwamseri and no doubt nkhani zake nzomwezi za political witch hunt. You are lucky if not lack all the media houses have shown their tails in total submission.


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