QECH Medical Practitioner Shares Emotional Covid-19 Experience

Allow me to explain what is happening behind hospital walls, am a medical Practitioner working with Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre for over 9years now.

The Coronavirus is real please let’s all follow protocols, people are dying every day and take note those announcements are for the high profile people.

Poor people are dying every day and here at Queens the numbers are countless, these are people who cannot afford even the price of the lemon or ginger to try other remedies, people who cannot even afford a flask to keep hot water for drinking.

As a medical Practitioner this is the worst moment I have never seen in my entire life.
To make matters worse our government is very idle both the outgoing and the new government and this new government is even worse.

Komatu we have been hit hard osati sewero am inviting journalists to come and make an ambush close to the isolation ward you will see how poor people are dying every day it’s not easy.

The isolation is not taken care off please madam minister wakeup you have a big task assignment if you can’t afford let the president know so that you can be swapped muli ntchito mayi Mwalowa nthawi yachabe.

This Corona it’s not for white people as it has been the rumour it is here with us let’s accept the reality.

Containing this pandemic in the absence of vaccine it’s not a joke and at least 213 health practitioners have been tested positive but no death yet.

And madam Minister discouraged us health Practitioners to announce all the death she said only public figures am scared people should know so that they may understand how serious the disease is.

Malawians let’s follow covid-19 protocols whether you are in town or in the village, we are registering so many patients from the villages and these people were the ones being ferried in lorries to attend rallies in town in redness for elections remember?

So I thought of sharing how the experience has been like behind hospital walls…..Stay Safe!

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