Akoustics To Release Single Friday

By Blessings Kapina

Lilongwe-based music group Akoustics is set to release a single titled ’Praise version 1’ this Friday.

Through the single, the group is giving praise to God for his greatness and majesty as well as encouraging the broken-hearted.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) leader of the group Sydney Malefula Jnr whose stage name is Sydmell said the single is meant to give hope to the hopeless in the face of various challenges and hardships.

“The song will help people in such situations to be comforted and relieved. And we want them to understand the essence of praise. When we praise God, His glory comes down,” Malefula said.

The Gospel artist said the life of praise attracts the presence of God which shatters and scatters the devil’s evil schemes and plans against the saints and as such the song appreciates the great works of God in creation.

“We are turning people’s minds to focus on praising God even in their tough situations knowing that our God is fighting our battles. And there is a high degree of comfort and rest that comes on those who live in praise,” he said.

The group wants to launch another wave of music and as such fans should expect powerful messages and good music with more creativity.

Malefula said, the group is on a move to bring new rhythm in the music industry by focusing on singing with less instruments hence the yet to be released single used only the acoustic guitar.

“We wanted to bring something different in praising God through music. Most of our music is full of so many instruments but we realised people also need such music with less instruments, but no one has ever come to the ground and produced it hence the single,” said Malefula.

In a separate interview, one of the artists in the song, Patricia Msiska, said Praise Version 1 is a song which is more about praising the almighty God for all His wondrous and marvellous works towards mankind.

“God is always there for us to lead us and help us, therefore, fans should expect to be blessed with the song they already know but sang in a slight different way,” she said.

The single produced by Madela will be premiered on Channel for All Nations (CAN) radio and will be available for download on Spiritunez.

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