Dear Bwana Sports Minister,


Football is a religion. It’s a shrine of oneness and tolerance. It is not a political battle field. Supporters are demographically diverse. Some are DPP. Some are MCP, some UTM, some UDF. Some rich, some poor. But the binding factor is not in their political affiliation. I, therefore, don’t see your basis of ‘being politically compromised’.

What is to be politically compromised in football? To be young and wise, as you are, is to focus on things that matter: Performance. Tolerance. And Leadership. I now wonder, will we really develop sports? Because they are many supporters and many football managers who ‘are politically compromised’ and it is because we are a country that chose political pluralism.

SKC is working daily with Seodi White, but we know the remarks she made against him. They are making progress, and Chilima is using the woman who debased him to achieve the greater cause. Chilima knows, there is time for everything. One day, it is my belief, Seodi will be axed for what she did. But until then, Chilima is putting aside their differences and exploit her full contribution.

You, on the other hand, before Nyamulandu even briefs you on where we get wrong on football— or, importantly, before you even inspire him with your vision, you have already begun castigating a person you will have to work closely with, and that because soccer is the biggest and most followed sport in the country.Unluckily, your disliking him won’t really change anything because FAM presidency is not a public position. He is a FAM official. I now wonder if Tonse philosophy is really real…

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  1. Neil Mzoma   July 12, 2020 at 7:43 pm

    Here is elequence and objectivity worth celebrating. How I wish there were more media professionals as eloquent and as objective as Focus Maganga is in this article! Media practitioners should not under-estimate the importance of these two attributes, because they are always teaching their readers/listeners with the way they reason and use language. Keep it up son of Malawi. You make us a proud nation.

  2. Daniel Mwera   July 13, 2020 at 9:20 am

    I side 100% with the minister, first of all Nyamilandu abused his powers to change the constitution to hold onto power. I mean the guy has been president since forever but is Malawian football progressing? The flames used to be heavy favourites when playing teams like Botswana and Lesotho but look at the team now. Kinnah was building a brilliant but Nyamilandu had to fire him at the first sign of trouble. But he showed patience with an under achieving white man who had no clue and no coaching skills. Imagine the audacity to compare Malawi to Barcelona when Malawi only won two games in 20 matches.
    I wish the minister had the powers to remove Walter, he is dragging Malawian football behind. Our friends are progressing while we are where we started.
    And lastly on the matter at hand, why would you back a person who was in seen in party colours, at a party function. A Malawi kudana ndichulungamo, Walter abused his office in the DPP regime. He mixed sports with politics and for that he should be fired and not backed. This kind of thinking is dragging our country behind. Malawi is a laughing stock, the reason behind is people like Walter. Well done to the minister, let’s call a spade a spade. Time for mediocrity is up, it’s time to build a better nation and sports is part of that.

  3. Mavuto   July 13, 2020 at 9:21 am

    The minister is like an ectopic pregnancy. Though falling pregnant is cause for cerebration, the same can be dangerous if implanted in the wrong place


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