Massive Demonstrations Looming In Malawi Over Chakwera’s Family, Lilongwe Cabinet

The Youths For Change (YFC) association would like to inform the general public that it will hold mass demonstrations on 13th July, 2020 against the ingenuine cabinet that our president released on 8th July, 2020.

What Mr President has done is no more than a reward for the personal battle the beneficiaries fought. We fought dpp for the same reasons. You’re no better than the previous regime and this shouldn’t be given a smile at all. Malawi isn’t a family property.

We feel being foolishly used. We need real freedom fighters. Not those who would fight for personal gains. We need to see new Malawi, a Malawi that you promised.

For more information regarding the arrangements contact 0997856331

Let’s fight for change. A better Malawi is possible.

5 Responses to "Massive Demonstrations Looming In Malawi Over Chakwera’s Family, Lilongwe Cabinet"

  1. G. Phiri   July 9, 2020 at 10:07 am

    Andale ndi mizu ya kachere inu ndi ine kwathu mkulira. You can’t change the world but you can chnge yourself

  2. bumbling henchman   July 9, 2020 at 5:30 pm

    ana adadi don’t join these useless fools. they want to use us to advance their political ambitions. They harrassed and intimidated us all in the name of change. Now their change has come what else do they want? We don’t believe in destroying our country but building it. School never ends, this is a bitter lesson for the youth. Think tanks have been warning you on the dangers of believing in tonse whose aim was to use you to lift them. I hope chakwera is the only president of malawi and he is the appointing authority. Those who want to have powers similar to him just swallow the pride and make yourself available in the arena come 2025. We dpp cadets are smart and don’t believe in savage politics practised by the northerners who are very desparate to dominate in everything and yet they are bad performers. They are used to sway us from point a to b until they grab the opportunity to rule. They have already dominated in most public positions where insteady of performing their duties with deligence they are busy oppressing others and politicking. Always remember what kenyatta has turned our judiciary into. He is a fortune seeker not a law expert who knows how to play his cards. The just ended polls were complicated by the fortune seekers especially from the north. The just ended polls were not fair at all our people were abducted, hacked, beaten, etc and those from the south were in hiding and failed to go voting only to come out breathing a sigh of relief after learning that chakwera had finally been declared the winner although through dubious means. Their plan now is to pressurize chakwera to leave power to chilima, the guy who has only 3 mps in parliament to be the president. This guy thinks he is the jack of all trades but oops, he is loved by the northerners for their own good. He will be twisted and thrown away after he mistakenly takes them us his true friends. If you look very critically all the problems we have are created by the northerners, people without clear direction. Here we are, people without clear direction and no future. Is it only politics that we all know? Dpp cadets our people were abducted, hacked, their property looted, their houses burnt down and demolished, the development we built has been destroyed and no one called for massive demonstrations nor nullification of those dubious poll results. Kenyatta intimidated us after he defiled the constitution and no one stood by us and now they want to use us. Don’t join them, let them destroy malawi in their selfish motives. Apm knew all these thats why he involved UN to participate in the credible and transparent 2019 polls. In nullifying them UN and internatiomal observers were declared failures and people not to be trusted.

  3. Chimbizga   July 9, 2020 at 6:29 pm

    @ Bumbling Henchman or whatever you call yourself, ndiwe wanyau usatinyase pano. Let people express themselves mmene akuimvelera nkhaniyi osati za uyufi zanuzo ncholinga kuteteza mbuzi yanu Lazaro.

  4. Manuel   July 11, 2020 at 8:35 am

    Demostration Must Occur, We Had Vote For Change, But They Take Malawi As Theirs Family, Tomorrow Will Come

  5. David   July 11, 2020 at 9:49 pm

    Malawi is a cursed country who bewitched us
    Lets support the government decision and work with them to better our country than doing usless demos


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