NICE Calls for Continued Post Election Peace

By Dyson Kamwana

Kasungu, July 8, Mana: National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust has applauded Malawians for maintaining peace and order after the June 23 Fresh Presidential Election (FPE).

The trust has since called on community leaders to help sustain and advocate for peace in their respective areas.

In his remarks during a one-day long meeting with Development Committees and community leaders on Tuesday in Kasungu, NICE Trust’s Regional Civic Education Officer, Vincent Kalawa commended current political calmness and unity amongst Malawians.

He said regardless of people’s different political affiliation, people have maintained peace across all districts.

“It is currently showing that there is peace and calmness and we are saying that since there is peace, let people take it as an opportunity to concentrate and seek development,” Kalawa said.

The NICE trust official has further called on Malawians to maintain unity and stand firm to procedurally start demanding for accountability from their elected leaders in a bid to foster and follow up various developmental activities in their respective areas.

“Malawians should not stay passive during this era; they need to start demanding accountability from their leaders.

“They need to wake up and make sure that every development that is taking place in their areas is properly being followed,” he said.

Among other agendas of the meeting, the body drilled community leaders, opinion leaders and religious leaders with skills and knowledge necessary to help resolve conflicts and advocate for unity and peace.

Traditional Authority Kaomba of Kasungu District pledged intensified efforts by chiefs in the district to foster peace and render to their communities the best guidelines on how to tolerate one another despite their political differences.

“We will ensure that chiefs are on the fore front to promote social cohesion amongst all political parties and religious groups so that together, we can develop this country.

He added: “You see that countries that have conflicts do not prosper in development and this is why my fellow chiefs and I will advocate for continued peace.”

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