Demanding Justice For Issa Njauju


About the 4th July 2015, a respectable employee of the ACB, Issa Njauju was murdered in cold blood. It is no doubt that his death was a highly calculated of a person well vested with assaination. He was tracked, trailed and murdered. It is said that within that period he was expected to present a sensitive report to the President.

Malawi Government has a duty to protect the general public and it is sad that 2 years after the heinous murder, the dangerous criminals are still loose; and a sharp contrast on the other side, the deceased wife and children, who were immediately deprived of support are suffering alone and with so much pain and agony in their hearts, and only Justice can restore their hearts and dignity. Dear Friends, please join me to demand justice for Issa Njauju.

The investigation of this case should resume forthwith with new Detectives taking over the file and all suspects connected with the case immediately arrested, incarcerated and detained.

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