S.Africa Tonse Alliance Wing Claims Malawi’s Poverty Man Made Calamity

By Leonard Masauli

Likoma, July 2, Mana: Malawians of Tonse Alliance Wing based in Braamfontein, Republic of South Africa (RSA), have said the country’s poverty was a man-made.

The Grouping has expressed hope in the new political leadership saying it has huge potential to liberate Malawians from poverty and promote social economic development of the country.

The Wing’s Chairperson, Rumford Kambaika told Malawi News Agency (Mana) Thursday that the  youth and entire Malawian citizenry based in South Africa feel relieved and have hope that the new leadership would systematically deal with poverty by uprooting corruption and promoting good  governance.

“The victory of Tonse Alliance which is led by Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and Dr. Saulos Chilima will liberate Malawians from poverty.

“As Tonse Alliance Wing in RSA which has over 5,000 members, we are certain that the new leadership will systematically erase the man-made poverty in the country.

This is 2020 but our country was still behind in terms of development, and we are yet to be economically liberated,” he said.

Kambaika said the pledged initiatives in the alliance’s manifesto such creation of 1 million jobs, reducing the cost of fertilizer, transformed policies, improved salaries and working conditions for civil servants among are a signal towards the country’s liberation.

He said Malawian youth rush to South Africa to hunt for jobs because they do not have hope in their political leaderships adding that some people will soon be returning home following the change of the country’s leadership.

Director of Business Forum in the RSA Tonse Alliance Wing, Jones Chadza said Malawians in South Africa face a lot of challenges in acquiring work permits because of laxity of the Malawi High Commission.

“We need reformation at the High Commission in RSA because it does not represent us properly. Most of the employees are there to their own interests,” he observed.

3 Responses to "S.Africa Tonse Alliance Wing Claims Malawi’s Poverty Man Made Calamity"

  1. saulo maccarthy   July 2, 2020 at 5:57 pm

    Point of correction there is no fertilizer reduction per say but rather subsidy which will cost the government >k129b. Only 3.5 m people have been targetted with each managing two bags. We shall see how this is going to be sustained in the coming years because this thing is a gamble since we have unpredicted weather in our midst. All these methods were attempted by the previous governments and proved to be non-starter. If what apm was doing is not development then we are here to see the amazing projects from this current administration. To me the 10years of muthalika rule malawi has achieved a certain degree of development both infrastructure and economic. Despite experiencing tough weather conditions and post 2019 violent demos aimed at toppling his government the economy was regid. He ran the country for 5 years without donor funds very perfectly with tangible developments we all witnessed. The only best way to reduce poverty is through technical skills this great man introduced. The poverty we have is due to jelousy, all of us are politicians: Our engineers especially from unima are political engineers, healthy workers are political healthy workers. Let me remind this guy that under muthalika the life span age has gone up, the malnutrition in patients in nrus went down, all major hospitals have solar back ups to tackle black outs, we no longer need oxygen concentrators because in our major hospitals there is piped oxygen and many seriously ill patients will be connected to oxygen, our local currency was as regid as steel. There are solar lamps on major hispital grounds, in some hospitals degitalized xrays are operational, our police officers never killed a demonstrating person and they had new cars, for the first time our young engineers from must demonstrated to the world that african engineers are a force to reckon with and duel carriages were witnessed in muthalika era and remember only for 10years. What if we had left them to complete their remaining 10years we violently opposed. Bingu’s 5years were robbed off and apm’s 5years have also been lobbed off. Lets learn to give credit when it is due.

  2. Maxwell Dullah   July 2, 2020 at 6:44 pm

    That is true explanation without considering political enmity

    We need development infrastructures morden road network, nobody die with hunger in Malawi so these of eating 3 times a day it’s not development, we already see food security that was installed by late Bingu, it was also continued by Peter.

    Continue with those plan & add yours to support our country. Without donation your friend manage to achieve using those taxpayer money so b4 you deduct find the source of financial to continue those plan

  3. utmcp   July 3, 2020 at 6:20 am

    i’m not surprised when one of our great scholars kamuzu lebelled a certain region as dead. He knew from both experience and wisdom that some people even if you do helpful things to them they don’t appreciate. The guy above only talked of microdevelopments in hospitals, what about stadia, new building blocks in our universities, venturing into other energy sources, splitting of engineering programmes into different discipline i.e. energy, computer, biomedical etc, new office furnitures in most public offices. You can imagine a lecturer sitting in new office complex building and new furniture but still pointing the filthy fingers at apm saying the guy has done nothing. A student from the dead region entering into a state of art complex block and sitting on new furnitures and throwing his trash in state of art bins while spitting rants at apm that he has done nothing. Another student from the same region who got a bag full of out dated books from the library which has been filled with new mordern books shouting stupid rants at apm as a fool who has done nothing and the list is endless. Can we call these people alive or dead in their thinking? Really in 10 years of muthalikas we achieved alot. Another surprising thing is that these guys are now championing programmes great bingu was condemned to death for. The fertilizer subsidy, i thought instead of these subsidies mcp will reduce the price of fertilizer.


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