Malawi Redcross Condemns Cashgate Queen Joyce Banda For Politicizing Covid-19

The Malawi Red cross Society (MRCS) has in-directly condemned former President Dr. Joyce Banda and opposition political parties under the banner Tonse Alliance for politicizing Coronavirus pandemic in the country.

JB, Chilima under fire for politicizing Covid-19

The Former President Dr. Banda, who is also opposition President People’s Party (PP) founder, recently told a rally that there were no coronavirus cases in the country and she went further accusing the government of lying to Malawians.

Speaking in Mwanza after a two day Covid-19 awareness campaigns, MRCS Communications Officer, Felix Washoni expressed a concern with the conduct of some politicians who are politicizing the pandemic.

“It was very shameful for a political party leader standing on a podium telling the masses that there was no Covid 19 in the country.

If the tendency by such political party leaders continues it will be difficult for Malawi to combat the disease hence waste of resources on the fight against the pandemic,” said Washoni

Malawi government through the Minister of Information, Mark Botomani also condemned the remarks by the former Head of State Dr. Joyce Banda. He described the remarks as very ‘unfortunate’.

MRCS is on a countrywide Covid-19 awareness campaign raising awareness on transmission of the disease and its prevention measures to ensure there are no further spread of the disease.

The campaign has started with 20 districts across the country by conducting audio messages on mobile van apart from door to door awareness using megaphone by MRCS volunteers among communities.

2 Responses to "Malawi Redcross Condemns Cashgate Queen Joyce Banda For Politicizing Covid-19"

  1. Che Peter   June 19, 2020 at 9:25 am

    What do you expect to hear from inept so called party leaders.Their eyes are set on cash gate
    part two, then they will flee to spend the money in America as the cash gate queen did.

  2. saulo maccarthy   June 19, 2020 at 3:59 pm

    Its very sad indeed to see political leaders extending their campaign battle lines to the deadly killer. The same jb was telling us that we already had covid19 at the time the virus was not yet with us. Now that we have the virus she is in telling us there is no such a thing called covid19 in our midst, this is total disgraceful. How on earth can she poke fun at nCov’s nose. Is she really ashamed to those relatives who had already lost their loved ones to this terrifying monster. Its hard to believe that those remarks are coming from politicians who are hunting for our votes. If they can make blatant lies, how can we trust them in whatever they tell us? Tonse alliance seems not to be serious, they think they are handling the kindergatten whom they can scold with childish lies. We all know what this thing is? Why playing hide and sick with this disease? Is it intentional that you want to reduce malawi’s population? We all see how cheating these people are, its up to you to believe their other lies. Some of the deaths we are having is because of your lies and hence you’re held responsible and you will be answerable one day.


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