Chiefs Warned Against Partisan Politics

By Yankho Phiri-MANA

Chiefs in Kasungu district have been advised not to take part or show affiliation to any political party during the current campaign period.

Kasungu District Peace Committee (DPC) Treasurer, Traditional Authority Chidzuma on Saturday, said chiefs should not discriminate or hinder gatherings of any political party, but rather urge their subjects to go to the gatherings and listen to different party manifestos.

“As a Kasungu Peace Committee, it is our duty to fight any kind of malpractice that can cause violence.

Therefore, we thought of warning these chiefs to stop showing their party colours as such behaviour brings disagreements among the people they lead,” he said.

Chidzuma also urged the traditional leaders not to accept bribes from political party representatives.

He further advised the chiefs against manipulating the community for who they might vote for, but let the communities make their own choice.

Kasungu District Peace Committee has been conducting awareness campaigns in several TAs in the district, including in Traditional Authority Wimbe’s area.

In his remarks, Wimbe assured the committee that he, with traditional leaders under his jurisdiction would act accordingly to contribute to the peaceful election.

“It is true some chiefs in some parts of the country are moved and influenced by political parties, which is not the right thing.

“As chiefs in Kasungu, we will guide our people about the importance of casting their vote and choosing a leader of their choice, not us leaning to any party,” he said.

Kasungu District Council Director of Administration, Thomas Chigwenembe also urged the chiefs to be delivering the right messages to their people and put into practice what they have been taught.

“In most cases when we discuss such issues with chiefs and other party representatives, we don’t have positive impact at the end because participants do not deliver the message to people out there and put into practice what is agreed.

“I hope these chiefs will deliver the message as they have promised,” he said.

The district peace committee is conducting several awareness meetings in the district to advise the people to be calm during the campaign and voting period in volatile places in the district.

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