Malawi Police Seek Divine Intervention to Fight Covid-19, Political Violence

By Yankho Phiri, MANA

Kasungu Police Officers on Wednesday conducted mid-year prayers at their station in Kasungu with the aim of seeking God’s protection from Covid-19 and any acts of violence that might occur in the coming presidential elections.

Police Officers praying for protection from Covid-19

In an interview after the prayers, Central Region Police Assistant Commissioner, George Mnjale, said they thought of holding the prayers to put God ahead of them, so that they might be successful in serving the residents of Kasungu.

“We were worshipping and thanking God today because he has been with us during the time we were fighting against violence that happened due to blood sucking rumors.

“We are seeking his intervention to protect us from this Coronavirus pandemic and also kneeling down for divine protection in the coming presidential elections as our lives are endangered during such times,” he said.

Mnjale added that the prayers were also organized to give a devotional time to God for those officers who do not go to church for their own reasons and remind them that every career is successful if you put God first.

In his remarks, one of the pastors who were ministering at the prayers, Rev. Davie Franklin Salimoni of Kasungu CCAP Church said it was exciting to preach to them as they are front-liners and therefore need God’s protection in their lives.

“It has been a beautiful moment preaching to these police officers who in most cases are assigned to work in threatening places which can claim their lives.

In such situations no man can save them but God, hence seeking the intervention of the Holy Spirit to guide them through these prayers,” said Salimoni.

He further urged the officers to always be faithful to God so that they excel both in their profession and families.

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