Thumbs Up Atupele Muluzi

If we are going to make sense of the time and energy we have lost in the past two and half years because of Chakwera, Chilima, HRDC and the hi5 judges, we need to look at Atupele Muluzi. He is the only good thing that is coming from the chaos.

I am one person who draws energy to live and to progress from the positive side of things. I like to look at life from the brighter side and that is what gives me hope.

I have been asking myself as to why God allowed all the mess we have seen. Why? Why the call for bloodshed from Chakwera? Why violent demonstrations? Why the sham of a court case and hi5 judgement?

In all that, after the elections, why did God take Atupele out from the situation only to come back right at the nick of time to be picked as APM’S running mate and to bring Covid-19 relief to the people?

If you look at the problems holding Malawi back is:

1. Tribalism
2. Spiritual frivolity and misrepresentation
3. Mediocrity
4. Corruption
5. politics, politics and politics

The agents that perpetuate these vices have been congregated in one place under the Tonse Alliance. It is what Darwin calls natural selection. Here are the elements:

The Vice President’s office. Unless we have someone sensible in this office, the office have proven to be a curse.

The judiciary (tribalism and corruption)

MCP (mediocre and clueless leadership)

HRDC (just a nuisance really)

Modern day prophets, Nkhoma Synod, Livingstonia Synod, Authors of elections pastoral letters (spiritual frivolity and misrepresentation)

9 political parties (unprincipled politics, fortune seekers, over recycled politicians)

JB and Cash Gate franchise (looters, guns…)

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  1. Mavuto   June 5, 2020 at 9:27 am

    I quite agree with this article. but you have forgotten PAC. This bunch of thugs keep quite when we expect them to speak. When a policeman was killed they kept quite. they say it was because it is a right to demonstrate and they had no funds, REALLY ???
    When chakwera said he is going to shed blood they kept quite
    What do they really stand for?
    Do we really need this thing they call PAC?


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