Mutharika Optimistic of Retaining Seat at Fresh Polls

By Arnold Namanja

Thyolo, June 1, Mana: President Prof. Peter Mutharika has expressed optimism that he would come out victorious in the Constitutional Court sanctioned fresh presidential election based on the strength of his administration’s agenda.

He made the remarks Monday during a rally he addressed on a whistle-stop tour at Goliati Primary School ground in Thyolo.  

Mutharika pointed out that the numerous development programmes government has been implementing across the country, including community technical colleges, construction of both primary and secondary schools and youth empowerment were some of the reasons people would re-elect him in power.

“I draw my confidence from the fact that over the first term of my office, we successfully carried out a number of development programmes aimed at uplifting people’s livelihoods especially those in rural areas,” he said.

The President added that he has made deliberate efforts to empower the youth, noting that 50 per cent of his cabinet comprises youthful members.

“In fact, I chose United Democratic Front (UDF) leader, Atupele Muluzi as my running mate in the fresh presidential election in the spirit of sustaining the agenda of youth empowerment,” he said.

Mutharika reiterated that as pledged in 2012 when President Bingu Wa Mutharika passed on, he would not betray people by leaving the country when his leadership was needed most.

The Malawian leader asked Malawians to turn out in their large numbers and vote for him and his running mate during the proposed June 23, 2020 elections in a bid to prove the courts and the opposition that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won the polls.

“I am repeating that the DPP won the May 21 elections which both local and international observers described as free, fair and credible. We should come out in large numbers to prove High Court Judges that their ruling was not the will of the people,” he challenged.

“Don’t make any mistake of voting for Lazarous Chakwera of Malawi Congress Party and the Tonse Alliance,” he warned. 

Mutharika assured people in Thyolo that once re-elected, his administration would continue with the development projects initiated in the district, citing upgrading of some feeder roads such as Chingazi-Nansadi, Nang’ombe-Bvumbwe and Katundu-Thunga, among others.

Vice President for the DPP in the South, Kondwani Nankhumwa said Mutharika and his running mate Muluzi would carry the day because people in the southern were contented with style of leadership displayed by the former.

“Your leadership has demonstrated that you’re very tolerant and a true champion of democracy despite being pushed to the limits by some disgruntled people operating under the cover of human rights defenders when in actual fact they are political hooligans,” he said.   

Senior Chief Chimaliro asked government to consider connecting his subjects to piped water under the Mulanje-Likhubula-Nguludi project.

He thanked government for introducing Malawi Development Enterprise Fund (MDEF), saying it would improve lives of women and the youth in particular.

Chimaliro commended government for starting construction of a modern market at Goliati Trading Centre.


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  1. Jenkins Mchewa   June 5, 2020 at 2:08 am

    Everything being equal, APM stands-out better even after combining Lazarus & Saulos. It boggles my mind to hear Zeze demeaning APM’s accolades up to a point of castigating and downgrading his teaching experiences, which have seen him prowling corridors of excellence in higher learning institutions as a Lecturer/Professor. Zeze has never even taught a kindergarten class. How many Academic Journals or pieces has Chilima ever produced in life worth mention?

    Word has it that he was assisted by well learned Malawians for him to congregate his Thesis at Derby University for his PhD. Those are his friends who live in Birmingham he went about on drinking sprees everytime he visited the UK. Strangely enough, he has the audacity to talk trash about others as if he is indispensable. C’mon Zeze give us a break. Next time you take to the podium and talk wildly, your Blantyre skirt chasing escapades will fully be unveiled. Leave APM alone coz he is not your class; the Mchachas, may be.


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