APM Maintains He Won 2019 Elections Fairly and Squarely

By Tikondane Vega

Part of the mammoth crowd

Thyolo, June 01, Mana: President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has insisted that he won the May 21, 2019 elections fairly and squarely although opposition parties disputed the results through demonstrations and the courts.

Mutharika said this in Thyolo on Monday during a whistle-stop tour he conducted at Goliati Primary School ground, Thyolo Boma and Bvumbwe Trading Centre after visiting Centre for Innovation and Research at the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) in the district.

He said despite international and local elections observers commending the country for credible elections in 2019, it is worrisome that the court decided to nullify the presidential election results after opposition political parties dragged him and the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to court over the outcome of the elections.

Mutharika, therefore, urged people in Thyolo district to vote in large numbers in the forthcoming fresh presidential elections, expressing hope that he would win again with a landslide to prove that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won in 2019.

“DPP has been getting more votes in Thyolo district of over 90 percent in every election and I hope this time due to anger of voters; the DPP will get almost 100 percent of votes. My appeal is; please go and vote in large numbers.

“I will continue giving full support to the youth in the country by, among others, creating different opportunities such as access to loans through Malawi Enterprise Development Fund (MEDEF) program which has already started,” he added.

Mutharika said he has always been passionate about the youth empowerment; hence, MEDEF program targeting mostly the youth and women.

“In addition, you may have noticed that I am developing the youth through community technical colleges which were built in almost each and every district,” he said.

“In fact, even in my cabinet, at least 14-15 ministers are youthful. For example, Charles Mchacha and Ben Phiri are true representatives of the youth, which only shows that I have the interest of the youth at heart,” Mutharika emphasised.

Mutharika also promised to continue with other development projects such as Malawi Rural Electrification Program as well as roads and school construction. He urged people to keep on praying for him against his adversaries. 

DPPs Regional Governor for the South, Charles Mchacha said the party will win the coming elections because what the court did in nullifying the elections was not the will of majority who voted for the party in 2019.

Mchacha said the Malawi Congress Party and the UTM together with their allies have nothing to offer to people in the country, arguing that those championing the so-called Tonse Alliance agenda were greedy and bent at self- enrichment.

4 Responses to "APM Maintains He Won 2019 Elections Fairly and Squarely"

  1. amazing jane   June 1, 2020 at 10:17 pm

    its true the guy won that election. this is echoed by the neutral international organisations who in unirson praised our super girl whom we denied respect in fullfilment that a prophet/prophetess never be respected in his/her town. our judiciary and chilima are under a spell. chakwera is useless and i don’t get it how he became the reverend. he is bringing shame to the teachings of our LORD. he chooses to do things very contrary to His teachings. look how he descended into political ranks: he uses torture, he beats, divides, lies, encourages rape to make false evidence against the security personnel, etc. its interesting to see some people blindly following this bully who declared blood shed and innocent people really shed their blood. chilima just know that your political journey will soon come to the dead end. if chakwera wins your pomp will be crushed and hear me if you have ears, the same false evidence which was crushed in court will be your principal witness that will see you rot behind bars on treason tramped on charges to seal you. jb behold your cashgate story will be more complicated to have you mute. chakwera is deadly and i wonder how people are failing to study him? how on earth a sane person support the cruel man rise into power? this is suicidal. his supporters have no shame to inflict more pain on their kinsmen all in support of the reverend. frankly speaking apm won that election which will always remain the best of the best. if chakwera managed to reverse the election declared free, fair, credible and transparent by the US and in which UN participated and the court failed to find any rigging evidence despite all the efforts to find one, then this is clear manifestation that chakwera is very wicked and avillain who will whip us with scopions.

  2. Bongoloro   June 2, 2020 at 12:18 pm

    Wawa APM kumeneko ndiye kubwera. Ma alliance enawa eish manyaka enieni

  3. Geoff Kassim   June 2, 2020 at 12:21 pm

    Mwezi wake ndi uno titi tizione kuti akamuna ndi ndani.

  4. Jenkins Mchewa   June 5, 2020 at 2:20 am

    If you run away from your calling in life because you want to get rich through politics, you terribly curse yourself. A number of people have tried to do exactly what Chakwera is doing by absconding leading the Almighty’s flock to go into “zakutha za m’dziko” called politics – ie Jesse Jackson, Tutu, the Zimbabwean reverend etc but flopped. Now who is Chakwera to fight and oppose God’s directions? His actions and decisions will live with him until his last days here on earth. Therefore your dreams will actually remain as such……dreams, maloto, kusagamira!!!!


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