Atupele Shakes Kasungu, touts unity and oneness

By Vincent Khonje

Part of mammoth crowd in Kasungu

Kasungu, May 31, Mana: Democratic Progressive Party and United Democratic Front (DPP/UDF) Alliance presidential running mate for the 2020 fresh elections Atupele Muluzi on Saturday took the alliance campaign trail to Kasungu with a message on unity and oneness.

Muluzi, who was welcomed by thousands of people at the Kasungu Community Ground, reminded the gathering the past 10 months have not been easy with some politicians wanting to divide and destroy Malawi.

He said there are politicians who want to divide the people because of politics by perpetrating violence, especially in the central region,

Muluzi said people have been beaten, especially women and innocent people’s property has been destroyed because some politicians were in the forefront encouraging people to be involved in violence.

“But as DPP and UDF, we are emphasizing that we are one despite where one is from. When people from the central go to the north, feel at home, when you go to the south you should feel at home,” said Muluzi.

The DDP/UDF Alliance running mate advised Malawians not to be divided by politicians, saying this is not time to mark boundaries because of tribes or regions.

In politics you need mentors who should teach you leadership since leaders must take care of everyone.

“There is a secret for most of accomplished politicians, like my father (Bakili Muluzi), was mentored by Kamuzu Banda, so were John Tembo and Gwanda Chakuamba were also mentored by Kamuzu,” he said.

Muluzi said he despises politics of insults and castigations, saying there is need to focus on developmental issues.

He reminded Malawians in the district the DPP-led government has constructed a stadium and youth skills centre in Kasungu. He added the same DPP government is giving the Malawi Enterprise Development Fund (MEDEF) loans to the youth.

Several top party officials from DPP and UDF escorted Muluzi and among them were DPP Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey, Deputy Director of Research Clara Makungwa and Director of youth, Dyton Mussa.

Others were Uladi Mussa, Hetherwick Ntaba, Dr Jean Kalirani and UDF Ken Ndanga.

Speaking to the multitude, Jeffrey said people who voted in power Professor Mutharika are the ones who attended the rally, so the same people can do the same during the fresh elections.

She urged them to go out in numbers and vote during the fresh elections.

“You can come and attend the rally, but if you do not go and vote, then you have done nothing. So go out and vote for Professor Mutharika,” said Jeffrey.

Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is contesting in the 2020 fresh elections with Muluzi as a running mate after the Supreme Court of Appeal upheld the ruling by the Constitutional Court to nullify the 2019 presidential elections and ordered for fresh polls.


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