DPP Promises Karonga Of More Development Projects

By Jordan Simeon-Phiri, MEC Stringer

Grezelder welcoming Karonga UTM defectors during the whistle stop

The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has urged voters from Karonga to vote for President Professor Peter Mutharika and his runningmate Atupele Muluzi for development to continue in the district.

The call was made on Saturday during whistle stop tours conducted by DPP’s Vice President for the north Goodall Gondwe and other top party official including the Secretary General Grezelder Geoffrey.

In her remarks, Grezelder promised the mammoth gathering continued development once people vote into power Professor Mutharika during the June 23 fresh Polls.

She also reminded the prospective voters that it is the DPP government that constructed Karonga stadium, the 45km Karonga-Songwe and Karonga-Chitipa roads to spur socio-economic growth.

“The DPP government has the welfare of people at heart. That is why these key roads were constructed to ease movement of people, farm produce and goods from our trade partners, Tanzania and Zambia.

“As government, we also realize that Karonga has business minded people but do not have enough capital with which to start businesses.

 I, therefore, direct the district governor to distribute loan forms and make sure that within seven days people have accessed loans from the Malawi Rural Development Fund (MARDEF),”” Grezelder said.

Grezelder, who is also the Deputy Minister for Local Government, further promised to construct stands inside Karonga stadium to enable football spectators watch football matches comfortably.

She has since urged people to vote in large numbers for the DPP/UDF alliance on June 23, saying it is the only political combination with experienced politicians who will in turn bring development to people.

Taking his turn, Member of Parliament for Karonga Nyungwe, Kenneth Ndovie urged people in the district to refrain from political violence and destructive demonstrations, saying such acts are retrogressive.

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