Opposition Endorses Mutharika

The Opposition Democratic People’s Congress (DEPECO) has endorsed President Professor Peter Mutharika for the forth-coming fresh presidential elections.

Mutharika, Atupele Formidable Force

DEPECO’s President, Chimango Mughogho said the decision has been arrived at after thorough consultations with electorates and other concerned stakeholders across the country.

“We have made the decision after consulting our members and our partners,” said Mughogho adding that President Mutharika deserves another term in office.  

The incumbent President Mutharika and his runningmate Atupele Muluzi will represent Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and United Democratic Front (UDF) alliance in the polls slated for 2 July this year.

Recently, Former Vice President Dr. Cassim Chilumpha’s Assembly for Democracy and Development also endorsed DPP-UDF alliance.

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