Malawi Covid-19 Cases Reach 71

The Ministry of Health has confirmed a new case of covid-19 which brings the total number of cases to 71 including three deaths in Malawi.

Minister of Health Jappie Mhango confirmed the new case on Tuesday morning during a media briefing in Lilongwe.

Mhango said that the new case is a 21 years old man from Ntcheu district who travelled back from South Africa on 28th April.

The Minister added that as of today 19 May, a total number of 27 patients out of 71 confirmed cases have successfully recovered from Covid-19.

One Response to "Malawi Covid-19 Cases Reach 71"

  1. Mbonga Matoga   May 19, 2020 at 7:50 pm

    We just have to learn to live with this virus, the western countries have realised this too late after their economies have already been destroyed….

    Stop the scare mongering employed by DPP to stop the election….just teach people to observe strict social distancing and hygiene rules….we have no option until a vaccine is found we have to live with the virus.

    Unfortunately we cannot go back to live in caves like our ancestors in the Stone Age.


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