Nsanje Endorses DPP-UDF Alliance

By Martin Chiwanda

Nsanje, May 16, Mana: Nsanje District has endorsed DPP-UDF Alliance as the country goes to the fresh presidential election this July saying it is the only grouping which can continue transforming the lives of people in the district.

Mutharika with his Running mate Atupele Muluzi

The endorsement was made Friday at Nsanje Boma when the alliance running mate and UDF President, Atupele Muluzi held whistle stops in the district.

Senior Chief Malemia and other speakers said people in the district were in support of the alliance and ready to ensure that President Arthur Peter Mutharika continues to rule this country.

Senior Chief Malemia noted that the district has benefited a lot with the DPP government hence their conviction to ensure that Mutharika continues with development agendas.

“We are fully supporting the alliance. People in Nsanje District appreciate the developments which has transformed the district. We cannot dare to give our votes to people whom we do not trust.

We are to support the alliance and make sure that President Mutharika remains in power,” said Senior Chief Malemia.

Nsanje Lalanje Member of Parliament (MP) Gladys Ganda during the whistle stop said Nsanje District voted for President Mutharika in May last year but they were robbed by the court ruling.

Ganda said Nsanje will revenge on the court ruling by giving 100 percent votes to the DPP-UDF alliance.

“We are going to give 100 percent votes to President Mutharika come voting day. We want developments which have been initiated by DPP government to continue. This time around, we just want to replace the vice president as the presidency is intact,” said Ganda.

The DPP-UDF Alliance running mate Atupele Muluzi said the president has passion for the youths by giving example of his appointment as running mate but also putting more youths in cabinet positions.

“Apart from having passion for the youths, he is a pillar of democracy in the country. Therefore, Malawians should not vote for leaders who do not put the lives of people at heart.

Leaders who promote hatred and divisions among Malawians should not be put in power,” Muluzi said.

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  1. Ungwelu   May 17, 2020 at 9:23 am

    Kodi anzathu a ku Nsanje anachita kubwera ku Mount Soche Hotel kuzapanga endorse DPP – UDF Alliance ngati mmene tikuwona APM ndi Atupele mo?

    Why is it difficult to write truthful stories?


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