Cabinet Drums Up Support for DPP-UDF Alliance

By Solister Mogha

Zomba, May 16 Mana: Minister of Information and Civic Education, Mark Botomani and Minister of Education Science and Technology, Dr William Susuwele Banda, both from Zomba district, Friday took advantage of their meetings to woo people to vote for Prof Peter Mutharika in the coming fresh Presidential elections.

Mutharika and his runningmate Atupele Muluzi

The two ministers, who had separate engagements in their constituencies, said the fresh presidential elections were so crucial for the country as it would decide between moving forward or going backwards.

Speaking in Chingondo Village, Traditional Authority (TA) Mwambo Botomani, who inaugurated construction works for Matandwe bridge in his Zomba Chisi Constituency said Malawians should not look for any other leader than Prof Peter Mutharika.

Botomani said Mutharika is a true leader whose main focus is to improve the country through various developmental projects.

The minister said since Mutharika ascended to power, Malawi as a country has witnessed massive developments in all spheres and emphasized that such would continue only if he remained in power.

“For all the developments we see in all corners of the country including this constituency to continue, we must keep Mutharika at the helm of things. Let us wake up and refuse destruction and vote for a God given President,” Botomani said.

He added, “You salute me for the projects in this constituency but what you must know is that, it has been possible because, the President listens to the needs of his people and here in Zomba Chisi is one such areas he loves.”

Botomani then called on his constituents to go in their large numbers and verify their names in the voter verification and transfers exercise currently under way in the district.

“In the May 21st elections, about 10,000 people who registered did not cast their vote; I urge you this time around to rise up and participate by voting for Mutharika,” he said.

On his part, Banda from Zomba Lisanjala Constituency described Mutharika as a humble, calm, listening and developmental conscious leader that Malawi has ever had.

He said the president has done great things for the country and the only way people could pay him back is by voting him into power come election day.

“In Zomba Lisanjala, we have schools and the Lirangwe-Chingale Machinga Road under construction. These are some of the things we must keep the president in power for. Come election day, let everyone of you go to voting centers and choose Mutharika once again,” Banda explained.

Both ministers promised to do an intensive campaign with the aim of encouraging people to vote and ensure Mutharika wins a second term.

Malawians will be going to polls in July this year after the constitutional court nullified the May 21st elections due to massive irregularities.

As per order of the high court ruling, which was upheld by the supreme court, the highest court of the land, Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has since started voter verification and transfer exercises to assess the number of people who would take part in the planed fresh presidential elections.

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