Voter Verification Exercise ‘Very’ Serious Business

By Solister Mogha, MANA

File Photo: Voter Verification Exercise in Progress in one of the centres

District Commissioner (DC) for Zomba, Dr Raphael Piringu has called on members of District Election Supervisory Team (DEST) to take the voter verification and transfer exercise seriously.

He made the remarks Wednesday during a planning meeting ahead of the exercise scheduled to commence Friday, May 15, 2020.

The DC said election was an important exercise that requires total dedication and full commitment of members involved.

“We will be starting the exercise on Friday but we expect the MEC teams to be arriving and deployment will start right away. However, let me stress that this is a national event and I don’t want Zomba to be a district that has performed poorly.

“From now onwards, let us make sure everyone is on top of things; let us communicate, plan and more importantly, make sure this is a success,” Dr Piringu pointed out.

He said the district was ready to spread across messages to communities so that they are fully aware and participate in the exercise.

“Because this is a prompt event, we still need to take things head on and the council will do everything possible to support the activity,” Piringu said.

According to communication from Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), the third phase of the voter verification and transfers exercise is expected to take place for five days starting from May 15 – 19, 2020 and among the targeted districts includes Zomba, Neno and Balaka.

Chief Executive Officer for Zomba City Council, Charles Thombozi said they are ready for the exercise.

Zomba District and City council have 214 centres of which 188 are within the District Council and 26 are for the city.

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