Nya-Uyu Gears To Fight Gender Based Violence

By Aisha Amidu

Nya-Uyu on stage

Lilongwe, May 6, Mana: After releasing an educative video clip on the spread of Coronavirus, Felistus Ngwira, popularly known as Nya-uyu on stage, is set to drop a new video clip on gender based violence (GBV) with an aim of encouraging women to take an active role in the fight against GBV.

The new clip which will be released on May 11 has featured Chiyanjano Muheziwa known as Annie Matumbi in the music cycles In the clip, Muhezuwa acts as an abusive husband.

The clip shows how husbands maltreats their wives and how wives should react to the abusive marriage they are living in.

The female comedian highlighted that the new video clip is a wakeup call to all women who are living in abusive marriages.

“They are a lot of women who are suffering in silence, this is so because they have been told that endurance and perseverance is one of the pillars of marriage.

Through the video, spouses will be helped and take necessary steps so that they should all be living happily,” Nya-uyu said.

She further said that few months might have passed after 16 days of activism on gender based violence but that does not guarantee that all is well in many families.

“This is why the clip has included how a lady challenges her husband and tells him to start treating her well without issuing threats and intimidations,” NyaUyu explained.

NyaUyu’s Brand Manager Lumuli Mwakasungula said one of the ways of contributing to Malawi’s entertainment industry is to work on silent voices.

“Being a comedian is not just about making people laugh, but it is bringing change on matters that affect people on a daily basis so that those that have been infringed should have a chance of airing out their views,” he said.

He also commended Nya-uyu’s work saying it is acting as a campaigning tool in different scenarios of which many comedians are failing to do.

“Few weeks back, Nya-uyu dropped an educative clip on Coronavirus of which many entertainers did not manage and now she is about to release another educative clip on gender based violence which will change and save marriages,” he said.

One of Nya-uyu’s fan’s Lennie Luhanga believes that the clip will change lives of women who have been living in abusive marriages as they will have a say on how badly they have been maltreated.

“I feel like the clip has come at the expected time as women are being abused in different ways but they choose to be silent in the name of saving marriages.

The clip will instill a sense of awareness for them to have a say whenever things are not right in their marriages,” Luhanga said.

Nya-uyu started acting at a tender age but she gained public attention in 2017 through her Tumbuka clip “Kutown” which showed the amusement of a village girl upon visiting the city.

From then Nya-uyu has been known as one of the female comedians. She has won several awards including the young achievers award by the National Schools Youth Arts Festival (NASFEST). Many of her clips are found on different platforms on social media.

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