Malawi Drifting Into A Quagmire Of Political Violence, Lawlessness

By Steven Kwame Fraser Maseya

MCP, UTM Supporters protesting Lockdown

In the book of Isaiah God blamed leaders for misleading people and punishment was unleashed and all the people went into exile.

If leaders do not acknowledge God and promote the ways of God, that nation is doomed to anarchy, disorder and eventual destruction.

I am not a Prophet but if Malawi continues on this path of lawlessness and disorder we are heading for a disaster because of our political leaders especially in the opposition, the judiciary, Civil Society Organisations and Human rights organisations that are misleading many.

Now in the event that Corona Virus hits us hard, it will be the same Timothy Mtambo, Saulos Chilima and Lazarus Chakwera of UTM and MCP respectively who will turn around and say government is doing nothing.

In this age and era where information is handy, we all know how America and other developed countries are struggling to combat the pandemic.

 In America alone, they are losing about 2000 people on daily basis surpassing Italy which was leading in Corona related deaths.

At first MCP, UTM and HRDC were spreading false news that government was hiding Corona cases.

The next thing government announced three Corona cases early this month, the opposition came on board to denounce the information as fabricated. Malawi is now at 17 confirmed cases with 2 deaths so far.

As government is trying to put measures in place to protect the spread of the virus, the opposition through the self-claimed human rights watchdog HRDC goes to court to get an injunction restraining government from effecting the measures.

Expect the following to happen in this country if this is left like this in the next 21 days:

First, many people will die and opposition will come out to accuse government of not caring for the people of Malawi.

Secondly, people will automatically implement the lockdown they are refusing today.

Thirdly, Malawi will be overwhelmed with the pandemic and this will automatically affect the July 2, 2020 so called Fresh Presidential Elections. As a result there will be no elections till 2024.

Fourthly, after the 150 days ordered by the ConCourt to conduct presidential election are over, the opposition are planning to make President Professor Arthur Mutharika illegitimate in order to stage a judicial coup.

And lastly, if many people die with the virus they will use that as a reason to ask Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika to step down citing incompetent so that they can put Chilima on the top seat.

What Malawians should know is that Chilima, Chakwera and Mtambo will stop at nothing to grab the presidency from Professor Peter Mutharika even if it means thousands of Malawians dying.

Time has come for leaders at all levels to rise up in support of the president to save this nation from evil people that will end up killing many if they are allowed to rule Malawi.

This is not about the President but about our future.

Please stay home and save lives.

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