Coronavirus Bites Hard, Cases Rise to 17 in Malawi

Minister of Health Jappie Mhango on Friday confirmed a new case of Covid-19 bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 17 including 2 deaths.

Mhango, who also chairs the Special Cabinet Committee of Coronavirus, confirmed the development through a media briefing in Lilongwe.

According to Mhango, the new case has been confirmed by College of Medicine Laboratory in Blantyre. He said the case is of a 70-year-old Malawian who lives in Blantyre.

“I am happy to report to you that in the past 5 days we have recorded no death due to COVID- 19. However, today we have recorded one new case of COVID-19,” said Mhango

Meanwhile, three people who were tested positive on 2 April in Lilongwe have now tasted negative.

“As a matter of procedure, the test will be repeated tomorrow and if they test negative again, they will be declared cured of COVID-19,” said Jappie Mhango

As of Thursday, the world has registered over 2.1 million confirmed cases of coronavirus and over 144,000 deaths.

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