It’s Never Too Late To Apologize

File Photo: MCP Machinery Killing an innocent Malawian for refusing to buy party membership card

A video from 2016 shows United States 2020 Democratic presidential aspirant Marianne Williamson asking white people to offer a prayer of apology, which the author and spiritual adviser says was intended to be a “spiritual act of racial reconciliation.

Here’s a shortened version of the verbatim:

“On behalf of myself, and on behalf of my country, to you and all African Americans, from the beginning of our nation’s history, in honor of your ancestors and for the sake of your children, please hear this from my heart… I apologize, please forgive us.”

“With this prayer I acknowledge the depth of evils that have been perpetrated against black people in America. From slavery, to lynching, to white supremacist laws, to the denial of voting rights, to all the ways both large and small, that abuses have occurred — all of them evil, all of them wrong.”

“To you, my African American fellow citizen, please accept my apology on this day. It is to you and your grandparents, and their grandparents before them, and their grandparents before them. In this sacred container, may the healing begin. May the Light of love now heal us all. Amen”

Color me shocked! I never thought a white person – especially a white woman – would EVER say anything like this publicly. Mind you, she’s asking white people to apologize to blacks for what their ancestors did way before she was born. 100s of years ago.

Williamson wasn’t part of the people that perpetrated these evil acts against blacks – and the ones being apologized to also weren’t even born when all this was happening. Yet, here we are.

Two years ago, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier asked Greece for forgiveness for crimes committed during the Nazi occupation. His comments were made at the site of the former Haidari concentration camp near Athens.

“Unimaginable atrocities were committed under German auspices in the Haidari camp. We bow before the victims,” Steinmeier said at the camp, where up to 25,000 people were interned.

Germany also apologized to Jewish people for the Holocaust and paid out billions in reparations. Actually, many Germans are not even aware that their country, after paying US$89 billion in compensation mostly to Jewish victims of Nazi crimes over six decades, still meets regularly to revise and expand the guidelines for reparations.

Apologies like these are proof that a people are accepting what was done. Killing so many people in such a depraved manner deserves an apology. How I wish, Instead of unleashing a (new) wave of terror in 2020, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) should apologize for what it did to Malawians during its brutal dictatorial rule in the 19th century.

Many MCP sympathizers argue that it’s the old MCP that did the killing and other unspeakable atrocities so why should the ‘new’ MCP apologize? But based from what is happening now in parts of the central region everyone knows that that’s just empty rhetoric.

Innocent Malawians are being butchered in mob justice style because of being suspected to be bloodsuckers. Yet, these rumours are baseless and only deliberately created. The victims’ ONLY crime is that they’re DPP sympathizers.

Never Again: A tomb stone for cabinet Members who were killed by MCP regime

In a perfect world we would have gotten an apology from Lazarus Chakwera to Malawians for past and present MCP crimes against humanity. The nation needs to know that MCP is sincerely sorry that they did what they did to the country.

 It’s like a reformed alcoholic standing in the drug counseling meeting, “Hello everyone. I’m MCP and I’m a mass murderer and I haven’t mass murdered for 1 year”.

I wait for the day MCP is going to say sorry for wrongfully imprisoning thousands of innocent Malawians. I long to see MCP apologizing for destroying marriages.

Old Habits: Chakwera orders MCP thugs to kill all DPP supporters

For forcing people into exile. Grabbing property….. Throwing our relatives into crocodile infested rivers and carrying out political executions.

The new attacks spring horrifying memories. It’s not enough to simply say “this is a new and reformed party”. MCP needs to apologize for the pain and hurt it caused and continue causing.

……..It’s the right thing to do.

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