Dear UTM Supporters, Not Everything Is About Money

Dear UTM supporters, not everything is about money.

UTM supporters:They have stopped thinking

EVERY SINGLE TIME a United Transformation Movement (UTM) supporter or member switches allegiance to Democratic Progressive People’s Party (DPP) the reaction from other UTM supporters is ALWAYS the same: – “Umphawi si zinthu” – “YOU HAVE STOPPED THINKING!” – “Amugula” – “What a selfish man” It’s being rumoured that vocal UTM supporter journalist Dickson Kashoti has abandoned ship and joined DPP and from what UTM Facebook and Twitter trolls are writing about him I’m inclined to believe it’s true.

What exactly is it about you UTM followers that makes you think you’re more Malawian than the rest of us? In your mind, you’re the only ones who have the right to chose which side to belong to, the rest of us follow money, right? Learn to respect the fact that not everyone finds Saulosi Chilima or his (proposed) policies appealing. Not everyone is going to like UTM because the party’s First Lady has got a good sense of fashion.

Some of us aren’t that shallow and don’t support parties because of petty reasons. Instead of assuming that Mr. Kashoti has been bought maybe you should be asking or wondering why a once vocal UTM supporter has left for the same party you hate with passion. If you continue tying financial gain to everything in politics then you will never grow. Almost every UTM supporter I’ve interacted with has got some sense of self importance. They carry themselves as the smartest group of voters and the enlightened ones.

This also applies to those who are not openly UTM – you know yourselves – all it takes is a simple political comment to unmask their UTMness. “Chipani cha madolo”. Za ziii!!! UTM needs to work hard now more than ever before. The leadership needs to tame the rabid supporters and rebrand a few things so as to improve the face of the party. Mostly so it looks more inclusive regardless of what walk in life someone is from. Some people initially liked UTM when it was launched but they never felt like they fit in with the values and verbiage. This is thanks to those around SKC.

SKC isn’t a bad leader, though I feel like he needs to manage his team more to reflect his values. When UTM was formed some people thought it was high time Malawi did with another big political party apart MCP, DPP and UDF – if only they would produce respectable policy proposals and solutions. But if the the party continues with its attacks on former members/ supporters and strategic incoherence they’re going to find a sizeable chunk of their potential support going to other parties. Political growth in the fresh election is not a given – especially now that SKC won’t be on the ballot – and all polls show that UTM is not growing, despite it’s huge, sympathetic media coverage.

Osamanyoza anthu chifukwa chokuti asintha maganizo kapena chifukwa chokuti sali mbali yathu. It’s narcissistic (and borderline insane) to think that out of all millions of Malawians UTM supporters are the only ones who know what’s good for our country. “If you’re not with us then you must be after money”. We are in a democracy, please accept diversity. Malawians are smarter than you think, it’s not a mistake that UTM got only 4 MPs nationwide. Reflect on this.

4 Responses to "Dear UTM Supporters, Not Everything Is About Money"

  1. Vendetta   March 29, 2020 at 7:26 am

    Your just bullshit with ur DDP and APM but soon your falling not matter what you try to rig the elections SKC/LMC are the winning team

  2. Nicholas Ntenje   March 29, 2020 at 7:49 am

    You have hit the nail on the head.
    UTM supporters are very irritating because they think they are more intelligent than other people who have different opinions.
    They will wakeup after voting.

  3. Oilartpaintzar   March 31, 2020 at 11:48 am

    Utm Voters have become some thing Else, But as the old norm goes . Time Will Always Tell

  4. Marcus Garvey   April 1, 2020 at 2:59 am

    There is nothing like intelligence in UTM. I wonder if they have a strategist. Surprisingly, the shortfalls as depicted before the 21st May 2019 Tripartite elections is back. One tends to wonder, “When are these people going to put their acts together and start thinking rationally?” The fact that one was in college with others who are now practicing physicians does not mean everytime you have a cough you knock on their door for treatment. That is exactly what Chilima is doing everytime he is challenged politically he rushed to the courts for a redress and yet there are some matters all one needs to do is just to self-manage (Nde leadership’yo yagona pati?)

    Running a company and being a politician are two different things. In our villages there are PhD holders who are led by aMfumu who hasn’t even gone past Form 2. Ndiye izi kuyerekeza ndi izo ndizosagwira konse ai. As rightly pointed out, UTM followers are being misled deliberately because the leader knows he is dealing with individuals who are lacking mentally, possibly less achidanti ndi aManganya. Enawo ndi adziphunzitsi a T2 ndi tima Diploma taku Domasi. Hence their disjointed speeches everytime they take to the podium. Chipani chamtundu wanji cha ana ndi azimai basi? Chaka chino tiona zina.


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