2020 OPINION POLL: DPP-UDF Strongest Alliance

By Burnett Munthali

The Winning Team: Mutharika and Muluzi

According to the political situation in this country DPP-UDF alliance is the strongest.

The reason behind is that many people have trust in DPP-UDF for its peacefulness, tolerance and development. On the contrary MCP and UTM are very violent, rough and irresponsible.

The citizens of this country cannot be attracted and moved by the MCP-UTM alliance because it has already messed up the economy and security through violent protests with their terrorist partners HRDC.

It is not automatic that people who follow UTM have followed this alliance. Most of the people who follow UTM came from DPP. Now that UTM is in an alliance with MCP it is most likely they have gone back to DPP and will vote for the DPP more than MCP.

Others have chosen to be in the MCP UTM alliance but will still vote for DPP and not for the opposition.

UTM sympathizers are mostly enemies of the MCP but DPP is a better camp for them than tambala wakuda.

 You must also take note that up to this very moment, the majority of the people in UTM are still not happy and comfortable with the decision to work with the MCP.

Finally, most Malawians do not like speaking out their feelings. However, here is the picture on the ground which you will probably see on 19 May 2020.

MCP and UTM will amass votes in the central but they will be followed very closely and shared with DPP and UDF alliance.

 DPP-UDF alliance will enjoy a huge chunk of votes in the Southern region while MCP and UTM will suffer the heaviest casualty in the south and will be left far much behind.

MCP UTM alliance will lead in the North while DPP UDF alliance will come second but very close.  The final results will put DPP UDF alliance overall winners.

In conclusion DPP / UDF alliance will damage the central this time more than ever before. MCP-UTM alliance will yield nothing.

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