Haunting And Unforgettable: Supt Imedi Spirit Lives On To Speak Of MCP’s Cruelty

Today, as the Democratic Progressive Party holds its Restoration for Democratic Justice demos in Mangochi, the image that defines all injustices of the post-election period is that of police officer Imedi Usumani who hailed from this district.

The manner of the killing of the late Usumani represents how MCP and its allies have worked so hard to stampede on justice and Rule of Law.

One morning in October 2019, Imedi led a team of officers to bring peace and order in Msundwe in Lilongwe where MCP’s Youth League thugs were terrorizing innocent motorists on the Lilongwe-Mchinji Road.

The MCP thugs killed Imedi in cold-blood, stoning him like a common criminal. A peacemaker killed.

While his family has been grieving at the killing of their son in such a brutal manner, while people of Mangochi have been mourning the cruel killing of one of their own, MCP went to the place where Imedi was killed, not to say sorry for the killing, but to thank the people for their violent demonstrations through they killed Usumani and bullied justice on the election case

Today, as people in Mangochi and Eastern region gather to demand democratic justice, it is Supt Usumani that looms large.

In his grave, Usumani represents everything about MCP’s violence and bullying of justice seen since the election — the beating of innocent Malawians, the stripping of a police officer, the torching of houses and government offices, the damaging and looting of shops…

MCP and its agents will do every trick in the book to cover up the bloodcurdling atrocities they have committed since the elections last year.

But such efforts will fail because they killed a person, an innocent person. And brutally. Usumani blood, spattered on that tarmac that morning, will speak for everything and everyone that have suffered at the hands of MCP.

His image, lying lifeless on the road amid a rubble of stones and cheers from his killers, is too raw and haunting to forget.

Worse still, Usumani’s killing is a reminder that it is in this same district that MCP burnt an entire Moto village, killing and displacing hundreds of people and arresting hundreds more – in its hunt for the life of another son of the soil, Henry Masauko Chipembere.

Supt Imedi is dead. But his spirit is alive – so that it can speak of the democratic injustices MCP has perpetrated on the people of Malawi.

One Response to "Haunting And Unforgettable: Supt Imedi Spirit Lives On To Speak Of MCP’s Cruelty"

  1. John Phiri   March 4, 2020 at 10:03 am

    Cadet, can you please let the late police officer rest in peace?

    The police officer was a ‘soldier’ and these are ready to die for their country in the line of duty.

    Question: Was he the first police officer to die in the line of duty in this country? No!

    In addition, that death could have happened to any officer whether from Nsanje, Chitipa, Nkhotakota or Mchinji. He was just at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

    The fracas was caused by Pitala and Jane Ansah. Pitala for refusing to fire Jane and Jane for refusing to resign.

    In addition everything that has gone wrong in this country after May 2019 elections was caused by these two people.

    Open up


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