Chanthunya Has Three Cases to Answer

By Synd Kalimbuka, MANA

High Court in Zomba on Monday allowed amendment of charges in which the State applied on Misozi Chanthunya’s case.

Reading the ruling on behalf of the Presiding Judge, Ruth Chinangwa, Justice Zione Ntaba said the Court has allowed amendments by the state to add two more charges including perjury and hindering the burial of dead body.

According to Justice Ntaba, the accused would be allowed to take fresh plea on the matter.

In this case, Chanthunya is expected to answer three cases including murder.

Lawyer representing the accused person, Michael Goba Chipeta said it was by then difficult to react on the decision made by the High Court because it has not yet given the reasons to the decision made.

Meanwhile, the Court is expecting to provide the hard copy of the ruling to the defendant including the reasons for the decision by 2 o’clock.

Misozi Chanthunya is being accused of taking part in the murdering of his girlfriend, Linda Gasa. The Court will convene on March 10, 2020.

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