Poet Hudson ‘Abengo’ Chamasowa Ventures Into Music

By Esnath Kalawe

After brief stay in the Poetry Industry, Poet Hudson Chamasowa popularly known by his stage name ‘Mchochombe’, says he is venturing into music genre with a debut song titled ‘zikutsobole’.

Poet Chamasowa has been hitting diverse airwaves in and outside the country with talented poems that made him on the lime light in 2008.

Poems like Zochitika ku Simongoliya, Abengo and Ndende  yamizimu are some of the poems that boosted his fame in poetry industry.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Wednesday in Lilongwe, Poet Hudson Chamasowa confirmed that he was currently recording his first song that would be out any day next week, saying it would be out via his social media channel to be pronounced soon.

“It is true that Iam in the studio recording my debut song titled zikutsobole, the song that is expected to come out with a bang, more fireworks and that people will like it and will arrive as a national anthem,” he disclosed.

According to Chamasowa, said the song was trying to convey messages of criticism to those people who are jealousy of other people’s success which has been like a predisposition especially these days.

“The idea came in because our society has been with full of jealousy people particularly when they see that their friends are extremely doing well in their life,” he said.

Chamasowa confided that heal ways had a desire to continue from where late Evison Matafale the ‘Watsetseleka’ fame which hit the country in early 2000.

The Poet said he did his four songs in 2014 which were down casted by people saying he was sounding like Grecian Nyambo and that made him to stop.

“I have been composing songs for some musician that I don’t want to mention their names and that motivated me in serious music that lead me to depart from Matafale reggae I initially wanted.

“I have now changed to R n B genre music, however Zikutsobole is a house type of music,” he disclosed.

He revealed to have done the song alone despite that in the course of time he would be collaborating with Nesnes with his second song titled Zimatinyasa, after the release of zikutsobole.

Despite the music development,Chamasowa will be doing poems as before, hence asking his poetry fans to recognize him with his usual stage name Mchochombe while in Music he will be popularly known as Hard Cee saying all this he wants to avoid confusions.

Chamasowa started citing poems in 1998, currently he is working on a poetry album Zumalanje.

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