MCP Will Lose Again

The South, the East and partly the North will register to vote against Malawi Congress Party (MCP)

Lhomwes have been targeted in their “DEMONS” NARRATIVE. Chakwera even mentioned that MCP will clean up all Lhomwes in the organisations.

Yawos have been targeted as being DPP too. Recently, Chakwera’s boys murdered Inspector Imedi for coming from Mangochi saying he was a cadet Police Officer.

Eventually, Chakwera went to Nsundwe where among others, called the brutality “Necessary” Justifying the murder of Inspector Imedi.

Chakwera did not rebuke the murder of Inspector Imedi and victimisation of Lilongwe residents but declared that he would construct a barracks for them if elected president.

Chakwera made it clear that he will bring up the Malawi Young Pioneer (MYP) that MDF destroyed in the operation bwezani back in the 90’s. MYP’s brutality is equivalent to what the Nsundwe thugs operate.

They used to intimidate and victimise Malawians for not having MCP Paid cards. He said, “I will do away with Police.”

Chakwera never at any point rebuke his thugs for undressing the police woman in Lilongwe saying she was a DPP spy. This was so, because the police woman comes from the Southern District.

Chakwera’s Nsundwe thugs stoned and destroyed all vehicles that had North, South and Eastern district’s number plates saying, they were the ones that voted for APM and DPP. Many vehicles were destroyed in the process.

MCP’s leadership cleared by Rev. Chakwera went in the townships of Lilongwe mobilizing men and women to revolt and take it to the streets with clear message that “Akukaoda” meaning, breaking the shops and taking merchandise for free.

MCP’s Chakwera has inflicted more pain to the southerners in Lilongwe and Mzuzu where among others, people were being beaten, undressed, or property destroyed for being DPP or coming from the other regions.

Now read this:

  1. Lhomwes have gotten the clear message that MCP intends to fire all of them in the various offices.
  2. Yaos have gotten the message that MCP wants to deal with them for supporting DPP. Memory is still fresh regarding how the whole Moto village in Mangochi was burnt down by MCP.
  3. The South and East will join hands to protect itself from MCP.
  4. Northern Region will be split! Everyone will get their share including some central districts.

The general feeling is that, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) wants power to revenge and to settle its long outstanding debts.

All in all, DPP will not allow its victory robbed just like Smuggle and the ring in the movie called “Lord of the Rings”.


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