UTM’s Norman Brands MCP Party of Murders

Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima’s United Transformation Movement (UTM) on Sunday branded Malawi Congress Party (MCP) as a party of murders.

UTM’s Director of Strategic Planning Norman Nyirenda was speaking during a political rally held in Mzuzu. He said during their 31 years old rule MCP raped, tortured and butchered innocent people in the country.

Nyirenda also reminded Malawians on how MCP machinery managed to burn the whole Moto Village in Mangochi district.

“MCP killed many people in the country during their 31 years old rule and they are ready to kill even more if we give them power to govern us again,” said Nyirenda while calling for Malawians not to vote for MCP again.

UTM’s Chief Strategist Nyirenda further said MCP is the most tribalistic Party in the country.

“MCP will never change it is the most tribalistic party in the country. It favors people from the central region thus why you will not find MCP members in other regions,” said Nyirenda.

Last year, over 24,000 people who suffered various atrocities during Malawi Congress Party (MCP) era demanded compensation from government through the office of Ombudsman.

One Response to "UTM’s Norman Brands MCP Party of Murders"

  1. John Phiri   February 16, 2020 at 9:23 pm

    Ohh yes. You say Norman is what? Chief Strategist for what? You mean the whole UTM can entrust such a position on Norman? It’s a shame really.

    In any case Norman does not even know that there is no active 1970 members in the current MCP. That the country moved into multiparty duspension. Afunda blanket la 1970. Come UTM these are the people who destroy party administration.

    For once tell your friends the DPP, they have killed more Malawians than MCP during its one party rule.

    MCP has over 60 known MPs in parliament yet UTM has only 4 or so. The period for campaign is shorter than for the May elections. So strategically UTM is too weak to do anything to make impact on the country.

    Saulos Chilima had the popular vote which will shrink now that people know that it was a worthless support.

    People will now go for a party which stood against evil and that is MCP. When everyone had given up Chakwera stated before, during and after the election results that he would fight any fraud.

    Norman listen to Rev Chakwera’s last campaign speech at Kamuzu Institute. It was very clear and DPP and MEC were just silly to proceed with what they did.

    You should know that although both Dr Chakwera and Dr Chilima lost votes from fraud, it was Dr Chakwera who suffered most. Truly, had the court given go ahead for recount Dr Chakwera would have been president of Malawi today.

    So do not be a fake strategist and destroy your party. Be reasoning, logical and knowledgeable strategist.


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