Tippex PAC Chair Gags Ansah on Widespread use of Tippex

Public Appointment Committee (PAC) chairperson Collins Kajawa on Wednesday stopped MEC Chairperson Justice Jane Ansah to explain that Tippex was used in all three levels of the May 2019 tripartite election.

Ansah was trying to respond to a question from Zomba Msondole MP on whether it was true that Tippex was used in all three elections.

“Honorable member, hold on that question, and Justice Ansah, please hold on to the response on that question,” said Kajawa.

However Ansah was audible enough before being cut off saying, “Yes Tippex was used in all the elections.”

MEC Commissioner Linda Kunje, on Tuesday incurred wrath of the committee after she bluntly told them that the very alleged MEC incompetence through use of Tippex ushered them into Parliament.

2 Responses to "Tippex PAC Chair Gags Ansah on Widespread use of Tippex"

  1. asimenye dolola   February 13, 2020 at 3:22 am

    to be honest nullifying only and I repeat ONLY presidential polls basing on tippex and dublicates which engulfed the whole election is a blatant lie to favour someone. nullifying the presidential elections because of tippex and not RIGGING is another serious mistake because there is no court proof that the said irregularities were done in secret and dismissing the important roles played by party monitors and constituency tally centres that were part of the electoral process and were there to cross check RIGGING in totality whether constitutional or not is another blatant lie. the question is: was the correction of the figures done in secret? anaother question is: did the parallel tally centres for mesn, pac, etc. found a different candidate leading the others apart from apm? to be honest our judiciary is a great shame. they deliberately made a recommendation that the judgement was to be made based on witnesses and what the law said and yet their fellow judge who was answerable to the queried laws she guided the commissioners did not show up because of fear for her life after threatened by chakwera’s evil camp, was it a plan led by the court to put more fearing presssure on her not to appear before it? pac and our lawyers, what type of question that needs only yes or no? this is autocratic questioning, don’t you know some questions can have both answers and they can be degreed basing on explanation? those answers need a robbot not humans to answer. another buffling thing is, we all know chakwera’s undemocratic tendencies and the bullying tactics he uses to intimidate justice and yet the very same court has come again to his rescue citing unfounded things that have no RIGGING evidence to nullifying only the presidential elections, what is the meaning of this? let me remind you: nullifying only the presidential polls and not the whole tripartite, failure of proof of RIGGING and use of irregularities that were made in full view of party representatives and international observers is vote RIGGING, or in short the court is favouring the other autocratic candidates to rig. tippex has been there for almost all the past polls and had it been either chilima or chakwera had won this thing would have not appeared and the court would have thrown it away. to pac, these polls have alot coondemnations to ansah because chakwera participated and he doesn’t want to lose at all cost. he is a bad leader and the most stupid of them all.

  2. Davie Chikoko   February 13, 2020 at 4:57 am

    Selfish and sense less Malawi voice writers.


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