Non-compos-mentis Mkaka Under Fire for Addressing Chakwera as Malawi President, Wife First Lady at Msundwe Rally

Lunatic Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) secretary general, Eisnhower Mkaka, has been reproved by commentators, including the party’s sympathisers, for his “politics of glorification and gratification” after he referred to Lazarus Chakwera as president of Malawi and his wife, Monica, as First Lady of the country at what was dubbed as a “thank you” rally for the people of Msundwe, in Lilongwe, on Saturday.

Mkaka’s remarks, the commentators said, are “dangerous to the present democratic dispensation” and, coming from a youthful personality like Mkaka “quite unfortunate.” The MCP chief executive officer, sounding unmistakably overzealous said Chakwera was the rightful president of Malawi. He said: “Your Excellency the President, Lazarus Chakwera and the First Lady: Let me welcome you to this important rally.” Chakwera came second in last year’s presidential election which the constitutional court nullified last Monday and, as per its judgement,  a fresh presidential was ordered to be held within 150 days. Writing on his Facebook wall, MCP die-hard, Lwitiko Mulwafu, said Mkaka’s sentiments were careless.

He wrote: “Mkaka used to speak very well. What happened today? We can do better than we have done today. To fellow youths please prepare before you speak.”

And, social media influencer  a veteran journalist and UTM party sympathiser, Dickson Kashoti, warned the new current crop of politicians, Mkaka inclusive, to avoid “political excitement which might invite people to engage in anarchy.” Kashoti said Mkaka’s remarks were “uncalled for, out of place remark and a clear indication that Malawi is far from doing away with archaic politics, politics of glorification and gratification.” He also wrote on his Facebook wall:

“This is how Dr Kamuzu Banda was made a life dictator, it started mildly with politicians in the likes of Mr. Mkaka. Acknowledging Dr. Chakwera as state president during salutations at the rally can be loosely interpreted or misinterpreted as meaning that the MCP wants to be in government first and foremost to propel Dr. Chakwera to the presidency.

“This can loosely be interpreted as MCP is interested much in power sharing than serving us, the majority poor. Presidential election is not too far away, it is just in five months time. “Mr Mkaka can obviously wait for the ballot box to decide which politician is to lead Malawi. Political excitement, if not well managed, can destroy the little democratic gains Malawi has achieved so far.

“My message to the MCP SG is; tame your tongue, mind your language, don’t get too excited and carried away with the people you are addressing before you at a rally. Put Malawi first not Dr. Chakwera or the MCP in whatever you think and do in order to make Malawi first. (BY NYASA TIMES)

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