Dear DPP family,

Today, I come to you to comment on the current situation. We have seen how the court ganged up with the opposition wanting to steal our hard earned victory.

Most of the judges are relations to either Chilima or Chakwera, but that is not my point for now. My point is that our government is being contested. We are to face the campaign yet again within 1 year.

Several things might have frustrated us before; we even wish we didn’t have certain leaders who we feel are a weakest link. Again, that’s not what I’m trying to drive home.

What we have here, is another battle, the current one requires us all to step up. We will go again in the Campaign trail to defend our beloved DPP; we will win again and again. Doesn’t matter how many battles are before-hand. We are UNBREAKABLE, UNSTOPPABLE and UNSHAKABLE.


James Chakwera Banda

One Response to "Open Letter to DPP Family: *WE ARE UNSHAKABLE, UNBREAKABLE, UNSTOPPABLE*"

  1. Chikafu   February 5, 2020 at 3:29 pm

    Zoona! Tiwinanso! The truth is that the majority of the population is in southern region which happens to be the stronghold of the mighty DPP.
    DPP manages to get votes in central and northern regions, MCP fails to penetrate southern region.
    There are 13 districts in the south against 7 districts in the centre, north timagawana, tiona, ntchito ilipo! Wakufa sadziwika!


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