Pictorial Focus: Lilongwe Turns Into Ghost Town

Security presence everywhere in Lilongwe.- Photo Credit Govati Nyirenda, MANA

The Capital City Lilongwe on Monday turned into a ghost town  as the city business premises were closed and the town completely deserted as the election case judgement was  been delivered at the Constitutional court in Area 3.

No betting today- These places are always patronized with people in Area 3 Lilongwe- This is how it is on Monday. Photo Govati Nyirenda, MANA

Some shops and other business premises were closed for fear of violence but security agents were everywhere making sure that no-one causes trouble.

Guards left to guard deserted offices but not left out in following court proceedings on phone radios- Area 3 just close to the High court in LilongwePhoto by Govati Nyirenda, MANA

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