Chilima Has Showed Leadership, The kind MCP Is Starved Of


Chilima’s Speech!!! I am divided about it.

Overall, I think it was a well thought through and well organized speech that Chilima has ever given. If I was UTM, I would be proud of him. He demonstrated that he is their leader by being brave and showing depth of knowledge and wisdom above the opposition elements.

Unfortunately, I am not UTM and can’t be. I am DPP and a friend of MCP.

As DPP, I think Chilima is being childish and telling himself a lie to reduce the DPP vote to what he calls a coterie of advisors and a tribal cabal. To me, this is rude and demeaning of a section of Malawians that support APM and the DPP. It also eats back, all the wisdom that he gave about the nature of our pluralistic democracy.

I feel disrespected by him right now.

Also, he is bonkers to think that history means that DPP should relinquish power without a fight. Yes, his speech was banked on the supposition that the petitioners will carry the day as we talked about this morning but, sorry mate, Kamuzu, Joyce or Bakili will not happen. There’s no correlation.

On the other hand, understanding that UTM and Chilima are just babies in this, learning the game, I would look at his speech in comparison with with what Chakwera gave us in his PAIN, PAIN SPEECH. From the word go, I think there is a lot for Chakwera and MCP to learn from this speech.

Firstly, Chilima built his thoughts and gave the speech as a UTM leader. He was original in that regard. He was confident of himself and what he was talking about and was ready to take questions. Chilima can’t be my leader but truth be told, he showed leadership, the kind MCP is starved of.

May Kobe rest in peace.

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