UTM Lawyer Khumbo Soko Was Using Machine Gun To Shoot Everywhere And At Everything But Hitting Nothing


Soko was evasive

Khumbo Soko was evasive. In other words, he was using a machine gun to shoot everywhere and at everything but hitting nothing.

He spent too much time at trying to discredit the witness on the basis that he was not a commissioner and the commissioners, on the basis that they were inefficient in their discharge of duties. To Khumbo, according to the constitution, the commission are the commissioners. He needed someone to define the word ‘constitution’ to him in its basic sense.

If you read his whole script, the question he was asking is, “why did you not conduct these elections with the efficiency of the developed countries?”

Despite our poverty that we cannot afford the technology, why wasn’t the voting electronic; despite our low literacy rates, why did you not put a Chanco degree as a minimum qualification for your officials at your polling stations; ….

Soko was awkward. For lack of a better word, he asked some silly questions and on a repeat, he kept on changing the questions. For example this:

1– If I give you statistics from your statement, will you be in a position to contradict me? (this is redundant or silly) how can he be the one to contradict him when the statement is his?

2 — If I give you my figure, will you be able to contradict me. (Another redundant question. This question cannot be answered unless the figure is given. Earlier Soko talked about Mathematics and Arithmetic. Considering that question within this context, it is a silly question. The witness can’t do calculations with a number that is in Soko’s head. It will be like playing a game of charades)

3 — Did you analyse your own sworn statement?! … here Soko is trying to act smart thinking that he is talking to a fellow lawyer. By virtue of this being a sworn statement, it is factual, there are no other ways of looking at it at least for the witness. It is the way it is on paper. Did you write the statement rather than did you analyse the statement is more appropriate for the witness if he seems to contradict himself of which he did not contradict himself

3 Responses to "UTM Lawyer Khumbo Soko Was Using Machine Gun To Shoot Everywhere And At Everything But Hitting Nothing"

  1. Capetown   December 4, 2019 at 7:13 pm

    Mbuzi ya munthu where did they scrap him just a huge bumber of judges ena zili bwerera.

    Wasting money utm flattered

  2. mkupa   December 5, 2019 at 11:02 am

    There were Counsel, AG and Judges I think it was there duty to object these ur saying as redundencies..I wonder ur motive.

  3. hlupe   December 5, 2019 at 1:44 pm

    Am just waiting for a judgement day


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